WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Drug Evaluation Research> 2017> 40> 5

Volume: 40 Issue: 5

1. Research progress on chemical constituents in hydrolyzed products of gypenosides and their pharmacological activities Page:711—716
2. Discussion about re-evaluation of compound preparation of Chinese-Western medicine on post-marketing drug Page:577—585
3. Nonclinical safety evaluation of Insulin NPH, a biosimilar of Humulin NPH Page:652—658
4. Application of 99TCm tracer technique in rabbit cerebral thromboembolic stroke Page:648—651
5. Quantitative models for drug shelf-life estimation Page:642—647
6. Two-stage bioequivalence designs and problems need to focus on Page:593—599
7. Effects of isorhamnetin on human liver microsomes CYPs and rat primary hepatocytes Page:627—632
8. Requirements of FDA for biosimilarity studies of clinical pharmacology of biosimilars Page:586—592
9. Preparation of irbesartan tablets and consistency study of their dissolubility Page:600—606
10. Research progress on vascular pharmacologic effect of salidroside Page:717—724
11. Summary of research methods for drug intestinal absorption Page:706—710
12. Analysis on adverse drug reactions induced by antibacterial drugs in Ezhou Central Hopstial from 2011 to 2016 Page:700—705
13. Effect of quetiapine or olanzapine combined with sodium valproate on treatment of Uighur patients with bipolar disorder Page:696—699
14. Efficacy and safety of amisulpride and clozapine in schizophrenia patients with predominantly negative symptoms Page:691—695
15. Clinical effect and influence on congnitive reaction of single use of valproate,oxcarbazepine, and levetiracetam in treatment of children epilepsy Page:687—690
16. Clinical efficacy of alprostadil combined with levocarnitine in treatment of chronic renal failure combined with heart failure Page:683—686
17. Effect of pidotimod on immunologic functions and clinical curative efficacy for patients undergoing recurrent respiratory tract infections Page:679—682
18. Effect of Reduning Injection combined with spleen aminopeptide oral solution on children with hand-foot-and-mouth disease and its regulative effect on myocardial enzyme and inflammatory level Page:675—678
19. Determination of SPE-HPLC Codeine Hydrochloride in Qiangli Pipa Syrup Page:672—674
20. Study on stability of Alprostadil Injection Page:667—671
21. Pharmacokinetic study on compatibility of berberine and citrus aurantium extract in rats Page:659—666
22. Standardized methods for bone marrow micronucleus test in rodents and historical data collection Page:638—641,647
23. Inhibition of berberine on organ cation transporters Page:633—637
24. "Experimental study on ""dose-time-toxicity"" relationship of hepatotoxicity in mice with multiple administration of cold medicine containing acetaminophen and Chaiqin Qingning Capsules" Page:620—626
25. Preparation of Valsartan Tablets and evaluation of quality consistency Page:607—611,637