WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Drug Evaluation Research> 2017> 40> 2

Volume: 40 Issue: 2

1. Efficacy of Baofukang combined with clindamycin injection in treatment of chronic cervicitis patients with high-risk human papilloma virus infection Page:225—228
2. Curative effect of sufentanil combined with dexmedetomidine on postoperative analgesia in patients with pulmonary lobectomy Page:220—224
3. Preliminary study on therapeutic effect of Baimai Ointment on stroke and blood circulation mechanism Page:196—200
4. Inhibitory effect and mechanism of Dsmosdumotin-C B ring derivative on MCF-7 cell proliferation Page:179—183
5. Study on in vitro release consistency between self-prepared Torasemide Sustained-Release Tablet and original preparation Page:174—178
6. Principles of biowaiver about consistency evaluation of generic drug products and varieties of biowaiver in countries and international organizations Page:157—163
7. Requirements for research and labeling of systemic antimicrobial drug microbiology by FDA Page:148—156
8. Novel biomarkers for diagnosis and precision treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension Page:141—147
9. Research progress on chemical composition, analytical methods, and pharmacological effects of Ophiopogon polysaccharides Page:279—284
10. Research advances on effects of ursolic acid and oleanolic acid against hepatic steatosis and fibrosis Page:270—278
11. Literature analysis on adverse drug reactions induced by Brucea Jananica Oil Injection Page:266—269
12. Clinical effect of Xiaoaiping Injection combined with gemcitabine and carboplatin in treatment of ⅢB and Ⅳ non-small cell lung cancer Page:262—265
13. Effect of Succinate Injection combined with Racecadotril on myocardial enzyme in children with rotavirus enteritis and its clinical significance Page:258—261
14. Efficacy of ambroxol hydrochloride inhalation in treatment of infantile pneumonia Page:255—257
15. Clinical efficacy of Sufentanil combined with propofol in intravenous anesthesia during laparoscopic cholecystectomy Page:252—254
16. Clinical analysis of Compound Anisodine Injection combined with Iodized Lecithin Tablets in treatment of central serous chorioretinopathy Page:249—251
17. Clinical effect and safety of methimazole or PTU combined with 131I in treatment of hyperthyroidism Page:245—248
18. Influence of ziprasidone combined with amend electric shock on efficacy and metabolism of patients with first-episode schizophrenia Page:241—244
19. Clinical study of pantoprazole and octreotide in treatment of gastrointestinal hemorrhage Page:237—240
20. Myocardial protective effects of rosuvastatin in patients with unstable angina pectoris undergoing coronary stent implantation Page:233—236
21. Comparison on effects of piracetam and oxiracetam on elderly cognitive dysfunction after cerebral hemorrhage Page:229—232
22. Effect of different extracts from Rheum palmatum on weight and tissue structure of hypothalamusand and pituitary of rats Page:215—219
23. Experimental study on chronic toxicity of Guanxinning Injection in rats Page:210—214
24. Study on determination conditions for lymphocytic proliferation by CCK-8 method in mice Page:206—209
25. Anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects in vivo and bacteriostasis effect in vitro of diuretic mixture Page:201—205
26. Effects of traditional Chinese medicine Zuojin Pill on gastrointestinal system Page:190—195
27. Antipyretic effects of Paracetamol Tablets, Compound Paracetamol and Amantadine Hydrochloride Tablets, Compound Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide Tablets, and Chaiqin Qingning capsules on rat model with LPS and dry yeast induced fever Page:184—189
28. Establishment of dissolution test method of isoniazid tablets and evaluation of dissolution profiles Page:169—173
29. Evaluation of dissolution consistency of Iloperidone Tablets Page:164—168