WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Drug Evaluation Research> 2017> 40> 11

Volume: 40 Issue: 11

1. Systematic review of aspirin for preventing venous thromboembolism after major orthopedic surgery Page:1645—1651
2. Analysis of rational use of Fat Emulsion Injection in 1500 tumor patients Page:1642—1644
3. Comparison of clinical efficacy of different drugs in the treatment of newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes Page:1635—1637
4. Clinical effect of budesonide/formoterol single inhaler combined with tiotropium bromide in stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Page:1626—1630
5. Clinical study of caffeine citrate and aminophylline in treatment of primary apnea of prematurity Page:1622—1625
6. Effect of betaloc combined with lotensin on cardiac function and NT-proBNP level in patients with chronic congestive heart failure Page:1601—1605
7. Evaluation of the safety of metallic elements in borosilicate glass controlled injection bottle by ICP-MS Page:1569—1575
8. Qualitative, quantitative and pharmacokinetic analysis of major constituents in Chanfukang granules by HPLC-TOF-MS and HPLC-MS/MS Page:1559—1568
9. Preliminary validation of high throughput screening methods for hepatotocity and genotoxicity in humanized HepaRG cells Page:1550—1558
10. Introduction to FDA's Child-Resistant Packaging Statements in Drug Product Labeling Guidance for Industry Page:1531—1534
11. Research progress of three long-acting basic insulin analogues Page:1671—1676
12. Research advance on pharmacokinetics of oleanolic acid Page:1664—1670
13. Research progress on polysaccharide of Chinese materia medica against gastrointestinal tumors in vitro experiments Page:1659—1663
14. Meta-analysis of androgen deprivation therapy for prostate cancer related with diabetes Page:1652—1658
15. Study of therapeutic effects of Alprostadil Injection and Composite Salvia Injection on diabetic foot Page:1638—1641
16. Effect of citalopram hydrobromide tablets on cognitive function and inflammatory factors in patients with recurrent bipolar disorder Page:1631—1634
17. Study of Huaiqihuang particles in treatment of children with bron chialasthma and effect on immune function Page:1618—1621
18. Influence of vancomycin on inflammatory factor and PCT in elderly patients with heart failure combined with pulmonary infection Page:1614—1617
19. Influence of BNP and heart and kidney function of recombinant human brain natriuretic peptide on acute heart failure treatment Page:1610—1613
20. Analysis of the effects of atorvastatin and clopidogrel on coronary artery disease Page:1606—1609
21. Effects of bisoprolol different taking timeon circadian rhythm of heart rate and neuroendocrine factors in patients with chronic heart failure Page:1597—1600
22. Correlation between CD62p and clopidogrel resistance in patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention with coronary heart disease combined with diabetes mellitus Page:1593—1596
23. Analysis of voriconazole trough plasma concentrations in critical patients Page:1587—1592
24. Optimization of extraction process of total triterpenoid from root of Rose odorata var.gigantean by orthogonal test and its inhibitory effect on contraction of isolated rat intestinal smooth muscle Page:1581—1586
25. Detection of 10 anti-rheumatic constituents illegally added in Chinese traditional medicine and health products by UPLC-MS/MS Page:1576—1580
26. Comparative study of proliferative inhibition and apoptosis promoting activity on HepG-2 and A549 by oxymatrine Page:1545—1549
27. Effect of aqueous extract from Araliae Echinocaulis Radicis et Cortex containing serum on TGF-β/BMPs signaling pathway in primary osteoblasts Page:1541—1544
28. Effect of Xanthatin on target of epithelial mesenchymal transition of HepG2 based on molecular docking technology and Western Blotting experiment in liver cancer Page:1535—1540
29. Validation of computerized system in facilities for preclinical safety evaluation of drugs Page:1525—1530