WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Drug Evaluation Research> 2017> 40> 1

Volume: 40 Issue: 1

1. Progress on pharmacological research of cardioprotection by salidroside Page:125—132
2. Omarigliptin: A new kind of long acting DPP-4 inhibitor Page:133—137
3. Advances in anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor effects of the main components of Curcumae Rhizoma Page:119—124
4. Clinical observation of diosmin combined with nimesulide in treatment of traumatic synovitis of knee joint Page:115—118
5. Effect of trimetazidine combined with atorvastatin on cardiac function andlevel of hs-CRP, IL-6, and Fib in patients with coronary heart disease Page:108—111
6. Clinical efficacy and safety observation of bevacizumab combined with docetaxel in treatment of advanced cervix cancer Page:100—103
7. Efficacy of butylphthalide on elderly patients with acute cerebral infarction and its effect on serum uric acid, c-reactive protein, and hemorheology Page:96—99
8. Clinical effect and safety of levosimendan, milrinone, and dobutamine in treatment of patients with ADHF Page:92—95
9. Comparison of effect of cisplatin or nedaplatin combined with paclitaxel as an adjuvant chemotherapy for cervical cancer Page:87—91
10. Multi-center clinical trial of Rongxin Pills in treating viral myocarditis in children with deficiency of both qi and yin and heart meridian stasis syndrome Page:68—74
11. Determination of residual organic solvents in Apixaban bulks drug by headspace gas chromatography Page:63—67
12. Inhibition on proliferation of hepatoma HepG-2 cell treated with Curcumin combined with Glycyrrhetinic acid Page:42—47
13. Inhibition on proliferation of HeLa cells in vitro of nano sllicon equipped with 4'-demethylepi-podophyllotoxin Page:28—36
14. 3D-QSAR studies on thiazole derivatives as potent inhibitors of dihydroorotate dehydrogenase Page:20—27
15. Comparative study of cholic acid compounds of bezoar on anti-cerebral infarction and regulating endoplasmic reticulum stress Page:11—19
16. Analysis of the influence of conbercept intraocular injection to vitrectomy on diabetic retinopathy Page:104—107
17. Clinical observation of Montmorillonite combined with Compound Eosinophil-Lactobacillus Tablet in treatment of pneumonia infants of antibiotic associated diarrhea Page:83—86
18. Comparative of paliperidone extended release tablets and risperidone tablets for women's glycolipid metabolism of episode schizophrenia Page:79—82
19. Effect of Qizhi Weitong Granules combined with rabeprazole on gastroesophageal dynamics and inflammatory factors in reflux esophagitis Page:75—78
20. Quantitative determination of the absolute content of quercetin by proton nuclear magnetic resonance Page:59—62
21. Local irritation study of repeated lumbar intrathecal injection of Ziconotide Acetate Page:54—58
22. Promotion of resveratrol on psoriasis like skin damage by down-regulating expression of Keratin 17 Page:37—41
23. Introduction of FDA's Considerations for Use of Histopathology and Its Associated Methodologies to Support Biomarker Qualification Guidance for Industry Page:5—10
24. Pathological evaluation of immune system in drug safety study Page:1—4
25. Efficacy of Lamiophlomisrotata Dripping Pill combined with intra-articular injection of medical ozone in treatment of knee osteoarthritis Page:112—114,132