Volume: 33 Issue: 5

1. Comparasion of contrast-enhanced ultrasound in diagnosis of cholangiocarcinoma and different differentiated hepatocellular carcinoma Page:713—717
2. Diffusion weighted imaging research in fetus with mild ventriculomegaly Page:726—730
3. Ultrasound assessment of abnormal fetal ductus arteriosus Page:731—734
4. MRI features of mucinous breast carcinoma Page:652—656
5. Value of ultrasound-guided core needle biopsy in diagnosing precancerous lesions of breast cancer Page:670—674
6. Analysis of magnetic susceptibility of normal brain of young adults by quantitative susceptibility mapping Page:693—697
7. Feasibility of CEUS in assessment of Crohn disease activity Page:718—721
8. Comparison of ultrasound IOTA simple rules and GI-RADS ultrasonographic stratification in diagnosis of ovarian neoplasms Page:739—742
9. Feasibility of presupposed reference line based on MRI as ultrasound reference line in pelvic organ prolapsed Page:743—746
10. Correlation between myocardial perfusion imaging quality and reconstruction time of dual-energy CT Page:760—763
11. Application of time-spatial labeling inversion pulse in renal corticomedullary differentiation and time parameter optimization Page:778—781
12. Application progresses of ultrasonography in diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis in remission Page:787—790
13. Guidelines for hybrid PET/MR in brain imaging (2017 Edition) Page:791—794
14. Value of texture feature analysis of MRI dynamic contrast enhancement in diagnosis of benign and malignant breast nodules Page:647—651
15. Application of elastic index difference in identification of benign and malignant masses of breast imaging reporting and data system 3-5 Page:662—665
16. Analysis of ultrasonic diagnosis and misdiagnosis of breast fibroadenoma Page:666—669
17. Correlation of molecular subtypes of breast cancer with ultrasound, MRI and mammography features Page:675—678
18. Brain function changes of resting-state functional MRI in cirrhotic patients with hyperbilirubinemia Page:679—682
19. Comparison study of time course of DKI and DTI in stroke Page:683—687
20. Application of phase-contrast MRI in patients with Chiari malformation type Ⅰ with syringomyelia Page:688—692
21. Establishment and application of objective evaluation system for thyroid imaging reporting and data system classification in ultrasound Page:698—702
22. Quantitative evaluation of myocardium deformation in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy by cardiovascular magnetic resonance feature tracking Page:703—707
23. Longitudinal layer-specific strain technology in evaluation on left ventricular systolic function of breast carcinoma patients treated with anthracyclines Page:708—712
24. Evaluation of fetal thymus size with thymic-thoracic ratio and clinical significance Page:735—738
25. Assessment of renal cortex blood flow with arterial spin labeling MRI in patients with type 2 diabetes Page:747—751
26. Influence of arterial data on Revolution CT perfusion parameters of renal cell carcinoma Page:752—755
27. Correlation of CEUS and microvessel density in inverted papilloma of bladder and bladder urothelial carcinoma Page:756—759
28. Application of snapshot assist spectral CT in prospective ECG gating coranary artery imaging Page:764—767
29. Feasibility of iterative model reconstruction technique in low dose dual phase contrast-enhanced chest CT Page:768—772
30. Improve image resolution in low-dose pediatric chest CT scans with combination of adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction and sharp recon kernel Page:773—777
31. Guidelines for nursing in hybrid PET/MR imaging (2017 Edition) Page:795—798
32. Ultrasonographic features of gallbladder with malaria in stage of attack at Sudan Page:722—725
33. Application of MRI-guided vacuum-assisted breast biopsy: Initial clinical experience Page:657—661