Volume: 26 Issue: 4

1. Location of vascular puncture points with dynamic contrast-enhanced MRA before transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt Page:764—766
2. Bioeffects of ultrasound combined with contrast media on joints synovial of normal rats Page:609—611
3. Effect of body mass and BMI on proton hepatic MRS water suppression at 3.0T MR Page:705—708
4. Comparison of Resovist and Gd-DTPA as susceptibility contrast agents for MR perfusion weighted imaging of hyperacute cerebral infarction in rats Page:601—604
5. 3.0T MR diffusion weighted imaging in diagnosis and short-term therapeutic outcome of clear cell renal cell carcinomas Page:741—744
6. Observing fetal cranial sutures and fontanels with three-dimensional ultrasonography Page:727—729
7. Admission glycaemia and outcome after percutaneous coronary intervention in patients with acute myocardial infarction Page:671—673
8. Clinical, mammographic and sonographic features of pure invasive lobular breast carcinoma Page:686—689
9. Diffusion weighted imaging diagnosis of cancerization nodules of liver cirrhosis Page:701—704
10. MSCT imaging and clinical features of laryngocarcinoma in patients combined with other primary carcinomas Page:655—658
11. Contrast-enhanced ultrasonography in diagnosis of esophagogastric varices Page:712—714
12. Observation of relationship between morphology of ciliary body and glaucoma with ultrasound biomicroscopy Page:651—654
13. Multi-slice spiral CT diagnosis of hepatic venous outflow obstruction after liver transplantation Page:697—700
14. CT features of cavernous transformation of the portal vein Page:715—717
15. Appearances of decussation of superior cerebellar peduncle in DTT FACT with different reconstruct parameters Page:752—755
16. Phase-contrast magnetic resonance imaging in diagnosis of secundum atrial septal defects in pediatric patients Page:679—682
17. MRI of VX2 carcinoma in rabbits after radiofrequency ablation:Comparison with pathological findings Page:605—608
18. Diagnostic accuracy of 64-detector row CT in coronary artery stenosis caused by calcified coronary artery plaques: A multicenter study Page:674—678
19. Observation with fMRI on central mechanisms of acupuncture at ST36 using reinforcing and reducing techniques Page:635—638
20. Fisher discriminant analysis of ultrasonography index in diagnosing characters of ovarian neoplasms Page:737—740
21. Imaging of three-dimensional fetal echocardiography with spatio-temporal image correlation Page:730—733
22. Contrast enhanced ultrasonographic diagnosis of liver metastases Page:718—720
23. High resolution MR imaging of porcine coronary arterial wall in vitro Page:589—592
24. Pathological regression of rabbit liver after low-dose irradiation with high intensity focused ultrasound Page:620—622
25. Diffusion tensor imaging study of Parkinson disease Page:643—646
26. Three-dimensional double echo steady state with water excitation MR imaging of facial nerve at 1.5T: A preliminary study Page:647—650
27. Influence of various doses and injection rates of contrast agent on CT perfusion in rabbits' liver with deconvolution method Page:612—615
28. Imaging features of primary hepatic endocrine carcinoma Page:721—723
29. Definition of severe coronary artery stenosis in patients with coronary artery disease with two-dimensional global longitudinal strain Page:662—665
30. Preliminary comparison of whole-body diffusion-weighted MRI and PET on tumor imaging Page:748—751
31. Repeatability and accuracy of quantitative knee cartilage volume measurement using semi-automated software at 3.0T MR Page:760—763
32. Effect of sonodynamic therapy on H22 tumor-bearing mice using hematoporphyrin-loaded PLGA ultrasound contrast agents Page:593—596
33. Ultrasonic elastography diagnosis of special type breast cancers Page:683—685
34. Speckle-tracking imaging and tissue Doppler strain imaging in assessing left atrium mechanical function: A study on patients with transcatheter device closure of atrial septal defect Page:659—661
35. Application of CT angiography in operation of cranial base meningioma Page:631—634
36. Relationship between contrast-enhanced ultrasound of renal cortical blood perfusion and SCr, BUN in rabbits with acute renal failure Page:597—600
37. Evaluation of vascular complications after living donor liver transplantation with dynamic contrast-enhanced MR angiography Page:693—696
38. Diagnostic value of vascularity index and renal volume with three-dimensional ultrasound in chronic kidney disease Page:756—759
39. Spiral CT diagnosis of gastric stromal tumor Page:709—711
40. Evaluation of regional myocardial viability in rats after acute myocardial infarction with two-dimensional speckle tracking imaging Page:623—626
41. Application of MSCT perfusion image following rectal cancer operation Page:771—773
42. Real time three-dimensional ultrasonography in the diagnosis of fetal corrected transposition of the great arteries Page:724—726
43. Contrast-enhanced ultrasonographic evaluation on blood supply of rabbit liver VX2 tumor in early stage Page:616—619
44. Analysis of costal single hot spots on bone scintigraphy Page:745—747
45. Speckle tracking imaging technique evaluation of myocardial strain of dogs with acute myocardial infarction Page:627—630
46. Differentiation of postoperative recurrent glioma and radiation injury with two-dimensional proton MR spectroscopy Page:639—642
47. Prenatal ultrasonic diagnosis of congenital digestive tract obstruction Page:734—736
48. Establishment of reference value of liver virtual touch tissues quantification values in healthy people Page:690—692
49. MRI studies of retinal oxygenation in diabetic retinopathy Page:767—770
50. Assessment of motion dynamic characteristics of common carotid artery wall in normal people with velocity vector imaging Page:666—670