Volume: 16 Issue: 5

1. Effect of transcatheter prostatic arterial embolization for treatment of prostatic hyperplasia Page:259—263
2. Early efficacy and impact factors of biliary stent in treatment of malignant obstructive jaundice Page:264—269
3. Prognostic factors of TIPS in treatment of gastroesophageal varices bleeding Page:270—274
4. Color Doppler combined with contrast-enhanced ultrasound in evaluation of stent patency after TIPS Page:275—279
5. Influence of gelatin sponge microparticles-TACE on myeloid-derived suppressor cells in peripheral blood of patients with Barcelona clinic liver cancer classification stage B hepatocellular carcinoma Page:280—284
6. Survival analysis of patients with different sub-stages of Barcelona clinic liver cancer classification stage B hepatocellular carcinoma after TACE Page:285—289
7. Predictive effect of microvascular permeability surface on spontaneous hemorrhagic transformation in patients with acute ischemic cerebral infarction Page:290—293
8. 2017 American Radiology of Society thyroid imaging report and data system classification in differentiating benign and malignant thyroid nodules Page:294—298
9. Zirconium dioxide nanoparticle loaded doxorubicin administered through different ways for treatment of hepatic VX2 transplanted tumor in rabbit models Page:299—303
10. Application of ultra-high resolution small animal ultrasound imaging system in rat models of abdominal artery implantation Page:304—308
11. Bifidobacterium combined with cationic lipid nanoparticles with liquid perflurocarbon for improving HIFU ablation effect: Experimental study Page:309—314
12. Research progress of medical image post-processing techniques based on computer in localization of epileptogenic zone in epilepsy patients Page:315—319