Volume: 16 Issue: 4

1. Combination of CT-guided multiple minimally invasive techniques for treatment of lung cancer Page:195—198
2. Low dose Gemstone Spectrum CT in guiding percutaneous lung biopsy Page:199—202
3. Ultrasound-guided percutaneous ethanol injection combined with microwave ablation for treating liver cancer in special site after TACE Page:203—206
4. CT-guided percutaneous splanchnic nerves block in treatment of advanced pancreatic cancer pain Page:207—210
5. Self-expanding metallic stent implantation in treatment of acute left-side malignant colorectal obstruction Page:211—214
6. Cardiac MR detection of late microvascular obstruction and intramyocardial hemorrhage in predicting MACE in AMI after reperfusion therapy: Meta-analysis Page:215—219
7. CT radiomics signatures for prediction of epidermal growth factor receptor sensitive mutation in lung adenocarcinoma Page:220—224
8. Value of MRI in measuring main diameter of fetal brain in normal middle and late pregnancy Page:225—229
9. Research progress of physical ablation alone and combined with immunotherapy for treatment of primary hepatocellular carcinoma Page:230—233
10. Pericoronary adipose tissue: A novel target for coronary artery heart disease Page:234—237
11. Progress of collateral circulation in diagnosis and treatment of Budd-Chiari syndrome Page:238—241
12. Application progress of ultrasound in complications of internal arteriovenous fistula Page:242—245
13. Multifetal pregnancy reduction and application of ultrasound during operation Page:246—249