Volume: 15 Issue: 5

1. Plasma D-dimer in evaluation of clinical efficacy of TACE for treatment of primary hepatic carcinoma Page:264—267
2. Relationship of therapeutic effect of uterine fibroids with different intraprocedural thermal parameters during MR-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound ablation Page:268—272
3. Lung window observation of head and neck CTA images for detecting lung lesions Page:273—276
4. Shear wave elastography and acoustic radiation force impulse imaging in differential diagnosis of benign and malignant thyroid nodules Page:277—281
5. Logistic regression model in evaluation on diagnosis of breast nodules classification of breast imaging reporting and data system 3-5 category with automated breast volume scanner combined with conventional ultrasound Page:282—285
6. Preparation and in vitro ultrasound/photoacoustic imaging of folate receptor-targeted, doxorubicin and melanin-loaded multifunctional contrast media Page:286—290
7. Impact of local lipiodol deposition in liver on necrotic area after microwave ablation in miniature pigs Page:291—294
8. Targeting ability and photoacoustic imaging of novel nanoparticle probe loaded with ZnPc and docetaxel: An in vitro study Page:295—300
9. Quantitative MRI of SD-rat adipose derived stem cells labeled with a new type paramagnetic nanoparticles in rats in vivo Page:301—305
10. Impact of target blood vessels angled with acoustic axis on peripheral mode scanning with pulse high intensity focused ultrasound ablation: An experimental study Page:306—310
11. Preliminary investigation on adenovirus-mediated transferrin receptor reporter gene in colorectal cancer cell MR imaging Page:311—315
12. Progresses of speckle tracking imaging in evaluation on right ventricular function Page:316—319