Volume: Special Volume Issue: 1

1. Validity Test For Simple Ergonomics Risk Assessment (Sera) Method Page:134—143
2. The Relation Of Risk Factors And Musculoskeletal Discomfort Among Manual Material Handling Workers In Malaysian Automotive Industries Page:124—133
3. The Mental Workload And Alertness Levels Of Train Drivers Under Simulated Conditions Based On Electroencephalogram Signals Page:115—123
4. The Enhancement Of Driver Seat Comfort For Small Size Car: A Preliminary Study Page:108—114
5. Tabialis Anterior Muscle Contraction On Driver’s Knee Angle Posture Less Than 101º For Foot Pressing And Releasing An Automotive Pedal Page:102—107
6. Suitability Of Driving Simulators As A Tool To Study Driving Fatigue Due To Vibration And Environment: A Review Page:95—101
7. Steady State Visual Evoked Potential Based Bci As Control Method For Exoskeleton: A Review Page:86—94
8. Sitting Anthropometrics Groupings Of School Children From Grades 1 To 5 Page:80—85
9. Prevalence Of Musculoskeletal Problems And Awkward Posture In A Pakistani Garments Manufacturing Industry Page:75—79
10. Noise Monitoring Case Study: Liquefied Petroleum Gas Terminal Page:68—74
11. Motorcycle Deliveryman’s Perceptions On Riding Conditions Page:63—67
12. Mismatch Between Furniture Dimension And Anthropometric Measures Among Primary School Children In Putrajaya Page:58—62
13. Malaysian Oil Palm Workers Are In Pain: Hazards Identification And Ergonomics Related Problems Page:50—57
14. Knowledge, Attitude And Practice On The Usage Of Safety Helmet Among Oil Palm Harvesters Page:44—49
15. Evaluation The Discomfort Level For Students Polytechnic Kuching Sarawak Sitting On Chairs Page:36—43
16. Assessment Of Traffic Noise And The Association With Non Auditory Effect Among Shop Lot Workers In Kajang, Selangor Page:22—28
17. An Ergonomic Approach For Designing A Seat For Fish Processing Workers Page:14—21
18. A Comparison Study For The Road Condition With Hand Grip Force And Muscle Fatigue Page:7—13
19. A Case Study On Manual Handling At An Electronic Component Manufacturing Company Page:1—6
20. Adoption Of Responsible Care Program In Malaysian Chemical Industries: Current Status And Way Forward Page:1—6
21. Assessing Biomarkers On Exposure, Effects And Susceptibility For Environmental And Occupational Exposure Of Various Range Of Benzene Page:7—18
22. Awareness On Health And Safety Among Municipal Workers On Sol-Id Waste Collections: A Case Study In Malaysia Page:19—27
23. Dampness And Mold Exposure In Buildings As A Risk Factor For Health Effects Page:28—40
24. Food Habits Among The Arsenic Exposed Population In The Rural Areas Of Nepal And Bangladesh Page:48—54
25. Health Care Workers Safety: Screening And Immunization: A Review Page:55—57
26. Health Risk Associated With Aluminium Exposure In Groundwater: A Cross-Sectional Study In An Orang Asli Village In Jenderam Hilir, Selangor, Malaysia Page:58—62
27. Impact Of Interprofessional Education On Patient And Workplace Safety On Allied Health Interns Page:72—77
28. Indoor Air Quality And Its Association With Respiratory Health Among Preschool Children In Urban And Suburban Area Page:77—88
29. Noise exposure Among Maintenance Crews Of C130H Air-Craft Lead To The Hearing Impairment Page:89—94
30. Offshore Safety Awareness Training System Page:106—114
31. Organophospahte Pesticide Mixture Exposure: The Relationship With The Motor Coordination Of Children From Paddy Farming Area In Tanjung Karang, Malaysia Page:115—122
32. Sick Building Syndrome And Mental Health Among University Laboratory Staffs Page:133—139
33. The Association Between Climatic Factors And Dengue Fever: A Study In Subang Jaya And Sepang, Selangor Page:140—150
34. Tuberculosis Worsen The Nutritional Status Of Hiv Patients If Unsupported By Good Nutrition: A Cross Sectional Study At Pulmonary Diseases Center Semarang City, Indonesia Page:151—156
35. Urban And Rural Inequality In Knowledge, Attitude And Practice On Haze Pollution Episode In Klang Valley, Malaysia Page:157—162
36. Assessing Standing Balance Using Balance Rehabilitation Unit And Nintendo Wii Balance Board In Young And Older Healthy Adults Page:1—9
37. Attitude Towards Ageing And Physical Performance Among Adults 55 Years Old And Above Page:10—17
38. Characteristics Of Visually Impaired Children Aged Below 4 Years In Two Public Tertiary Hospitals In Selangor, Malaysia Page:18—25
39. Development Of Clinical Pathway For Non-Surgical Management Of Chronic Periodontitis Page:26—32
40. Effect Of Workstress And Smoking Towards Sperm Quality Among Infertile Male Page:33—40
41. Oral Status and its Association with Oral Health-Related Quality of Life in Community-Dwelling Older Adults Page:107—114
42. The Effectiveness of a Navigation System for Ambulance Service in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Page:166—173