Volume: 19 Issue: 2

1. Backs Tool: A Study In Identifying Associated Factors Of Occupational Chronic Low Back Pain In A Developing Country Page:1—10
2. Article knowledge, Attitude And Perception Of Contraception Among Medical Students In Universiti Putra Malaysia Page:11—19
3. Stress, Stressors And Coping Strategies Among University Nursing Students Page:20—28
4. Quality Of Life Among Patients Undergoing Haemodialysis In Jakarta, Indonesia Page:29—37
5. Family Responsibilities And Involuntary Job Absenteeism Among Nurses In Teaching Hospital Page:38—46
6. Intervention For Occupational Fatigue And Sleepiness Among Healthcare Workers Working In Shift: A Systematic Review Page:47—53
7. Obesity And Lifestyle Factors As Determinants Of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus In Manado City, Indonesia Page:54—60
8. Indonesian Children’s Quality Of Life: A Case Study Of Residents Relocation To Flats In Jakarta Province Page:61—67
9. Child-Oral Impacts On Daily Performances Index In Indonesia: Cross-Cultural Adaptation And Initial Validation Page:68—77
10. Patient Satisfaction And Cost Analysis Of Analgesia Management For Post-Operative Procedures In Htaa: Pca Vs. Conventional Method Page:78—95
11. Comparisons Between Backs Questionnaire And Other Existing Questionnaires Against Standards Set By A Social Security Organization Based In A Developing Country Page:96—102
12. Artificial Intelligence Model As Predictor For Dengue Outbreaks Page:103—108
13. Determinant Of Independent National Health Insurance Ownership In Indonesia Page:109—115
14. Prevalence Of Stress And Its Associated Factors Among Medical Students In Sabah, Malaysia Borneo Page:116—125
15. Knowledge And Perception Towards Supplementary Immunization Activities (Sia) Among Mothers In Cheras, Kuala Lumpur Page:126—131
16. The Need To Reform The Hospital Payment System In Indonesia Page:132—140
17. Reliability Of Anthropometric Measurements Conducted In National Physical Fitness Standard (SEGAK) Assessments Among School-Aged Adolescents In Terengganu, Malaysia Page:141—148
18. Perceptions, Attitudes, And Responses To Dengue Early Warning Among Urban Community In Kuala Lumpur Page:149—159
19. Sensitivity & Specificity Of Screening Tools For Postpartum Depression: A Systematic Review Page:160—169
20. Occupational Sharps Injury Among Healthcare Workers In Hospital Melaka 2013 – 2015: A Cross Sectional Study Page:170—178
21. Health And Safety Situation At Non-Public Primary Schools Page:179—188
22. Health And Safety Situation At Non-Public Primary Schools Page:179—188