Volume: 19 Issue: 1

1. "A Systematic Review On Identifying Associated Factors In Deciding Work- Relatedness Of Chronic Back Pain Among Employee " Page:1—14
2. The Influence Of Maternal And Child Health Services On Neonatal Death Of Low Birth Weight Neonates In Aceh Province Page:15—24
3. “Kamboh”: A Qualitative Study Of Postpartum Care In Kutai Ethnic Tribe, East Kalimantan, Indonesia Page:25—30
4. Prevalence Of Urinary Incontinence And Its Association With Declined Cognitive And Physical Function Among Community Dwelling Older Adults: A Review Page:31—40
5. Preclinical Students’ Knowledge, Attitude And Practice Towards Obesity And Overweight Page:41—46
6. Effects Of Alpha-S1-Casein Tryptic Hydrolysate And L-Theanine On Sleep Disorder And Psychological Components: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study Page:47—55
7. Reliability And Validity Of The Quality Of Life-Alzheimer’s Disease Questionnaire In Malay Language For Malaysian Older Adult With Dementia Page:56—63
8. The Positive Effect Of An Integrated Medical Response Protocol On The Knowledge, Attitude And Practice Of Medical Response During Flood Disaster Among Healthcare Providers In Kelantan: A Simulation-Based Randomized Controlled Trial Page:64—74
9. Impact Of Methadone Maintenance Therapy On Hiv Incidence In Perak, 2008 - 2017: A Cox Regression Analysis Page:75—83
10. Nutritional Status And Dietary Intake Of Semai Indigenous Children Below Five Years In Perak, Peninsular Malaysia Page:84—100
11. Effects Of Inappropriate Waste Management On Health: Knowledge, Attitude And Practice Among Malaysian Population Page:101—109
12. Prevalence And Associated Factors Of Irritable Bowel Syndrome Among Healthcare Professionals In Primary Health Care Setting In Al-Madinah, Saudi Arabia Page:110—116
13. Self-Care Activities Among Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus In Penampang, Sabah And Its Association With Depression, Anxiety And Stress Page:117—125
14. Risk Factors And Changes In Successful Aging Among Older Individuals In Indonesia Page:126—133
15. A Study Of Comparison On Knowledge And Misconceptions About Hiv/Aids Among Students In A Private University In Malaysia Page:134—142
16. Latrine Use And Associated Factors Among Rural Community In Indonesia Page:143—151
17. Socio-Demographic Characteristics Of Male Contraceptive Use In Indonesia Page:152—157
18. Regional Disparities Of Health Center Utilization In Rural Indonesia Page:158—166
19. Lifestyle Predictors Of Overweight Among Malaysians Page:167—171
20. Prevalence And Associated Factors Of Eating Disorders Among Students In Taiba University, Saudi Arabia: A Cross-Sectional Study Page:172—176
21. Prevalence Of Obesity And Its Associated Risk Factors Among Post- Basic Renal Care Nursing Students Page:177—183
22. The Educator’s Perspective: Knowledge, Attitude And Practices On Occupational Safety And Health At School Among Primary And Secondary School Teachers Page:184—190