Volume: 16 Issue: Supplement 2

1. The prevalence of hand arm vibration syndrome among automobile assembly workers Page:128—136
2. The cross cultural study on driving behaviour of Malaysian ageing automobile drivers Page:121—127
3. Review of elderly driver visual perception simulation system for vehicle design Page:113—120
4. Retrofitting and purposed-built buildings: indoor air quality and sick building syndrome among private higher learning institution students in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Page:106—112
5. Psychophysical and physiological study of asymmetric lifting and lowering task for Malaysian males Page:99—105
6. Prevalence of voice disorder among primary school teachers in Bintulu, Sarawak Page:89—98
7. Pen and paper based observational method to assess postural problems: a review Page:78—83
8. Needlestick and sharp injuries among health care workers in saudi hospitals: a review Page:69—72
9. Future research on manual lifting tasks in the automotive industry Page:61—68
10. Ergonomic risk assessment of manual handling tools by oil palm collectors and loaders Page:56—60
11. Ergonomic inclusive designof innovative toiletfor disable user Page:50—55
12. Development of effective displays design for tourism park Page:44—49
13. Development of an anthropometry database for the malaysian population: problems and challenges Page:36—43
14. Design specifications of ergonomic sofa through sofa makers perception: a case study in Malaysia Page:27—35
15. Association of pm10 and pm2.5 exposure with respiratory health of the children living near palm oil mill, dengkil Page:20—26
16. Assessing the reliability of subjective evaluation for comfortable driving postures Page:14—19
17. A study on user’s comfort level and seat mismatch in a lecture theatre Page:5—13
18. A need for new accident theories in Malaysia? Page:1—4