Volume: 12

1. Approaches And Future Direction Of Social Security System: Malaysian Perspective Page:1—13
2. Assessment Of Students’ Perceptions Towards E-Learning Management System (E-LMS) In A Malaysian Pharmacy School: A Descriptive Study Page:14—20
3. Dengue Infections And Circulating Serotypes In Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia Page:21—30
4. Association Between Drinking Water Sources And Diarrhea With Malnutrition Among Kindergarten's Children In Baghdad City, Iraq Page:45—48
5. HIV/AIDS and Mental Health in Kenya: The Challenges and Opportunities Page:4—4
6. Factors Associated With Organizational Stress Among Intensive Care Unit Healthcare Workers In Somalia Hospital Page:57—66
7. Iron Deficiency Anemia During Pregnancy In The Lower North Of Thailand- Prevalence And Associated Factors Page:1—5
8. Perception Towards Health Promotion Activities: Findings From A Community Survey In The State Of Penang, Malaysia Page:6—14
9. Knowledge, Attitude And Practice About HIV/AIDS And Its Influencing Factors Among Pregnant Mothers In West Of Sabah, Malaysia Page:15—23
10. Late-Life Leisure Constraints Among Malaysian Elderly: A Qualitative Approach Page:24—30
11. The Involvement Of Doctors In Research Activities In Two Major Hospitals In Penang, Malaysia Page:24—30
12. Surveillance For Sarcocystosis In Tioman Island, Malaysia Page:39—44
13. Kajian Keratan Rentas Perbandingan Kepuasan Pelanggan Di Antara Klinik-Klinik Kesihatan Primer Luar Bandar Dan Bandar Di Daerah Hulu Langat Dan Faktor-Faktor Yang Mempengaruhi Page:52—67
14. Psychosocial Needs of Children and Families Affected by HIV/AIDS Page:5—5
15. Reasons for Living among PLHIV in the Philippines Page:6—6
16. Challenges in Delivering Effective Mental Health Services to People with HIV Infection in Custodial Setting Page:7—7
17. Mental Health Aspects of HIV/AIDS - Indian Perspective Page:8—8
18. Mainstreaming Mental Health into the Development Priorities in the United Nations Page:9—9
19. Socio-Economic Impact of HIV/AIDs and Mental Health Page:12—12
20. Addressing HIV Infection Risks and Consequences among the Elderly (> 50 years) Sub-Saharan Africans Page:11—11
21. Socio-Economic Burden of HIV/AIDS: Investigating Pregnant Women’s Willingness-to-Pay to Prevent Mother-to-Child Transmission in Ghana Page:13—13
22. People Living With HIV/AIDS and Their Households: Impact Mitigation: The Need For Strategic Action Page:14—14
23. Socio-Economic Burden of HIV/AIDS in Developing Countries: Education Sector Response Page:15—15
24. Towards an Extended Economic Life of the Destitute People with HIV/AIDS: An Islamic Microfinance Approach Page:16—16
25. Averting Economic Disaster: Addressing HIV Risk in the Business Product Outsourcing Industry in the Philippines Page:17—17
26. Counselling for Newly Diagnosed HIV Patients in Malaysia: Challenges and Best Practices Page:19—19
27. Global Policy Trend of HIV and Non-Communicable Diseases: Leveraging the HIV Experience Page:20—20
28. The Roles of NGOs in Promoting Mental Health for the PLHIV Community in Malaysia Page:21—21
29. Running an Effective Psycho-Social Support Programme for HIV Positive MSM in Malaysia Page:22—22
30. Psychiatric Disorders in HIV-Positive Individuals in Urban Uganda Page:23—23
31. HIV, Mental Health and Refugees Page:24—24