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Volume: 27 Issue: 10

1. Hairpin ribozyme targeted vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) inhibited the expression of VEGF and the growth of xenografted tumors Page:763—767
2. Specific killing effects of double suicide gene system on pancreatic cancer Capan-2 cells Page:768—771
3. Effect of phosphatase activity of PTEN on migration ability of human breast cancer cell line ZR-75-1 Page:772—776
4. Relationship between of COX-2 expression and radiosensitivity of the irradiated human glioma SHG-44 cells Page:780—782
5. Inhibition of the proliferation and invasion of pancreatic cancer cells by MAT1 gene-targeted short interfering RNA in vitro Page:783—786
6. The effect of realgar on apoptosis of transplanted ovarian SKOV3 carcinoma cells in nude mice Page:787—790
7. The interaction between HSP 90 and survivin in human breast cancer cells and its underlying mechanism Page:791—794
8. Effect of hydroxycamptothecin on hypoxia-induced expression of HIF-1 α and VEGF genes in SiHa cells Page:795—798
9. G-CSF expression in human solid carcinomas and its effects on cell proliferation Page:799—802
10. Correlation analysis of the effects of symptom clusters of cancer patients on their life quality in Shanghai community Page:803—807
11. Comparative study on the proteomic analysis in cervical carcinoma tissues with different radiosensitivities Page:808—812
12. Expressions of heparanase and CD44v6 in osteosarcoma tissues and their correlations Page:817—820
13. The correlation of HPV infection with the expression of epidermal growth factor receptor and vascular endothelial growth factor in non small cell lung cancer Page:821—824
14. Expression of cyclooxygenase-2 in epithelial ovarian carcinoma and its significance Page:825—828
15. Clinical analysis of 32 cases of primary malignant germ cell tumors in mediastinum Page:829—831
16. Clinical application of early enteral nutrition support after operation of esophagus carcinoma Page:832—834
17. Clinical analysis of 16 patients with primitive neuroectodermal tumors Page:835—837
18. Comparative analysis of prognosis between surgical or non surgical treatment for non small cell lung cancer with great vessel invasion in chest Page:838—840