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Volume: 60

1. Erratum: Figure Correction. Page:322—322
2. Incarceration of a pedunculated uterine fibroid in an umbilical hernia. Page:318—321
3. Migration of a contraceptive subdermal device into the lung. Page:314—317
4. Hyperthermic intrathoracic chemotherapy with cisplatin for ovarian cancer with pleural metastasis. Page:308—313
5. Delayed postpartum hemoperitoneum due to uterine artery pseudoaneurysm rupture. Page:303—307
6. Analysis of surgeries performed after hysteroscopic sterilization as tabulated from 3,803 Essure patient experiences. Page:296—302
7. Oncologic and obstetric outcomes of conservative surgery for borderline ovarian tumors in women of reproductive age. Page:289—295
8. Primiparous singleton women with endometriosis have an increased risk of preterm birth: Meta-analyses. Page:283—288
9. Serum from pregnant women with gestational diabetes mellitus increases the expression of FABP4 mRNA in primary subcutaneous human pre-adipocytes. Page:274—282
10. Association of isolated single umbilical artery with perinatal outcomes: Systemic review and meta-analysis. Page:266—273
11. Is massive proteinuria associated with maternal and fetal morbidities in preeclampsia?. Page:260—265
12. Autophagy in the placenta. Page:241—259
13. Pregnancy-related osteoporosis and spinal fractures. Page:133—137
14. Right ventricular metastatic tumor from a primary carcinoma of uterine cervix: A cause of pulmonary embolism. Page:129—132
15. Extrauterine epithelioid trophoblastic tumor in hysterectomized woman. Page:124—128
16. Lymphoepithelioma-like carcinoma of the uterine cervix. Page:118—123
17. Syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion following irinotecan-cisplatin administration as a treatment for recurrent ovarian clear cell carcinoma. Page:115—117
18. Laparoendoscopic single-site radical hysterectomy for early stage cervical cancer. Page:110—114
19. First reported case of fetal aortic valvuloplasty in Asia. Page:106—109
20. Effect of calcium on premenstrual syndrome: A double-blind randomized clinical trial. Page:100—105
21. Usefulness of modified BRB technique in treatment to ablate uterine fibroids with magnetic resonance image-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound. Page:92—99
22. Delayed hemorrhage effect of local anesthesia with epinephrine in the loop electrosurgical excisional procedure. Page:87—91
23. Pretreatment serum human chorionic gonadotropin cutoff value for medical treatment success with single-dose and multi-dose regimen of methotrexate in tubal ectopic pregnancy. Page:79—86
24. Clinicopathologic evaluation of myofibroblastoma: A study in two hospitals. Page:74—78
25. Uterine fibroid shrinkage after short-term use of selective progesterone receptor modulator or gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist. Page:69—73
26. In vitro fertilization outcomes in women with surgery induced diminished ovarian reserve after endometrioma operation: Comparison with diminished ovarian reserve without ovarian surgery. Page:63—68
27. Effects of vitamin D deficiency and daily calcium intake on bone mineral density and osteoporosis in Korean postmenopausal woman. Page:53—62
28. In vitro fertilization outcome in women with diminished ovarian reserve. Page:46—52
29. A novel clinicopathological analysis of early stage ovarian Sertoli-Leydig cell tumors at a single institution. Page:39—45
30. Single port access laparoscopic surgery for large adnexal tumors: Initial 51 cases of a single institute. Page:32—38
31. Atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance and low-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion triage in Korean women: Revisiting the 2012 American Society of Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology screening guidelines. Page:357—361
32. Prognostic assessment of sarcomatous histologic subtypes of ovarian carcinosarcoma. Page:350—356
33. Evaluation of the learning curve for external cephalic version using cumulative sum analysis. Page:343—349
34. Prediction of pregnancy complication occurrence using fetal cardiac output assessments made by ultrasonography at 20 to 24 weeks of gestation. Page:336—342
35. Second trimester cervical length measurement for prediction spontaneous preterm birth in an unselected risk population. Page:329—335
36. Clinical characteristics of pregnancies complicated by congenital myotonic dystrophy. Page:323—328
37. Endometrial polyp surveillance in premenopausal breast cancer patients using tamoxifen. Page:26—31
38. The efficacy of pre-delivery prophylactic trans-catheter arterial balloon occlusion of bilateral internal iliac artery in patients with suspected placental adhesion. Page:18—25
39. Clinical outcomes and neurodevelopmental outcome of prenatally diagnosed agenesis of corpus callosum in single center of Korea. Page:8—17
40. Elastographic measurement of the cervix during pregnancy: Current status and future challenges. Page:1—7
41. The efficacy and safety of pegylated liposomal doxorubicin monotherapy and combination therapy with carboplatin in Korean patients with recurrent ovarian, fallopian tube, or primary peritoneal cancer: a single-institution experience. Page:433—439
42. Serum β-hCG concentration is a predictive factor for successful early medical abortion with vaginal misoprostol within 24 hours. Page:427—432
43. Comparison of perinatal outcomes in late preterm birth between singleton and twin pregnancies. Page:421—426
44. Use of progesterone supplement therapy for prevention of preterm birth: review of literatures. Page:405—420
45. Fibroepithelial polyp of the vulva accompanied by lymphangioma circumscriptum. Page:401—404
46. Diagnostic dilemma in cervical endocervicosis. Page:396—400
47. Successful laparoscopic management of uterine serosal pregnancy. Page:391—395
48. Significant elevation in serum CA 125 and CA 19-9 levels with torsion of the hydrosalpinx in a postmenopausal woman. Page:387—390
49. Laparoscopic repair of a rectal fistula due to a benign ovarian dermoid cyst. Page:383—386
50. Female with 46, XY karyotype. Page:378—382
51. Herlyn-Werner-Wunderlich syndrome: An unusual presentation with pyocolpos. Page:374—377
52. Primary mucinous adenocarcinoma of the vulva, intestinal type. Page:369—373
53. Relationship between age at last delivery and age at menopause: The Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Page:362—368
54. Erratum: Author correction. Page:621—621
55. Persistent low-level elevation of serum human chorionic gonadotropin after termination of pregnancy: a rare case of peritoneal trophoblastic implant. Page:616—620
56. Two cases of hymenal scars occurred by child rape. Page:612—615
57. Laparoscopic total extraperitoneal hernia repair of fallopian tube indirect inguinal hernia in reproductive aged woman: a case report. Page:608—611
58. Peptide YY producing strumal carcinoid tumor of the ovary in a postmenopausal woman: a rare cause of chronic constipation. Page:602—607
59. A retroperitoneal dedifferentiated liposarcoma mimicking an ovarian tumor. Page:598—601
60. Skin metastases in ovarian clear cell adenocarcinoma: a case report and a review of the literature. Page:593—597
61. Long-term recurrence-free survival of a patient with advanced pure primary ovarian squamous cell carcinoma treated with dose-dense paclitaxel combined with carboplatin. Page:587—592
62. Comorbidity of gynecological and non-gynecological diseases with adenomyosis and endometriosis. Page:579—586
63. Therapeutic outcomes of methotrexate injection in unruptured interstitial pregnancy. Page:571—578
64. Etiological evaluation of repeated biochemical pregnancy in infertile couples who have undergone in vitro fertilization. Page:565—570
65. Prognostic value of preoperative lymphocyte-monocyte ratio in elderly patients with advanced epithelial ovarian cancer. Page:558—564
66. A retrospective comparison of outcome in IB2 and IIA cervical cancer patients treated with primary concurrent chemoradiation versus radical hysterectomy with or without tailored adjuvant therapy. Page:549—557
67. The clinical significance of D-dimer concentrations in patients with gestational hypertensive disorders according to the severity. Page:542—548
68. Efficacy and safety of venous thromboembolism prophylaxis with fondaparinux in women at risk after cesarean section. Page:535—541
69. Safety of umbilical cord milking in very preterm neonates: a randomized controlled study. Page:527—534
70. Risk factors for massive postpartum bleeding in pregnancies in which incomplete placenta previa are located on the posterior uterine wall. Page:520—526
71. What is fetal programming?: a lifetime health is under the control of in utero health. Page:506—519
72. Vacuum extraction vaginal delivery: current trend and safety. Page:499—505
73. A case report of angioleiomyoma of uterus. Page:494—497
74. Delayed intestinal perforation and vertebral osteomyelitis after high-intensity focused ultrasound treatment for uterine leiomyoma. Page:490—493
75. Estrogen-induced acute pancreatitis: A case report and literature review. Page:485—489
76. Metastatic uterine cancer looking as cervical fibroid in recurrent breast cancer woman: a case report. Page:481—484
77. BRCA1-mutated ovarian cancer with skin metastasis: a case report. Page:477—480
78. Genital tract cavernous hemangioma as a rare cause of postpartum hemorrhage. Page:473—476
79. Epithelial ovarian tumors in a premenarchal girl: a rare case report. Page:469—472
80. Preoperative diagnostic clues to ovarian pregnancy: retrospective chart review of women with ovarian and tubal pregnancy. Page:462—468
81. Port site infiltration of local anesthetic after laparoendoscopic single site surgery for benign adnexal disease. Page:455—461
82. Gonadotropin releasing hormone antagonist administration for treatment of early type severe ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome: a case series. Page:449—454
83. Nomogram predicting risk of lymphocele in gynecologic cancer patients undergoing pelvic lymph node dissection. Page:440—448
84. Lower limb compartment syndrome by reperfusion injury after treatment of arterial thrombosis post-laparoscopic radical hysterectomy and pelvic lymph node dissection for cervical cancer. Page:223—226
85. Tuberculous peritonitis in the first trimester of pregnancy. Page:218—222
86. Efficacy and safety of drospirenone 2 mg/17β-estradiol 1 mg hormone therapy in Korean postmenopausal women. Page:213—217
87. Comparison of sexual function between sacrocolpopexy and sacrocervicopexy. Page:207—212
88. Efficacy of loop electrosurgical excision procedure with cold coagulation for treating cervical intraepithelial neoplasia: A two center cohort study. Page:200—206
89. Recurrence factors and reproductive outcomes of laparoscopic myomectomy and minilaparotomic myomectomy for uterine leiomyomas. Page:193—199
90. Thyroid function/antibodies in sudanese women with polycystic ovarian disease. Page:187—192
91. Surgical technique for single-port laparoscopy in huge ovarian tumors: SW Kim's technique and comparison to laparotomy. Page:178—186
92. Perioperative administration of propranolol to women undergoing ovarian cancer surgery: A pilot study. Page:170—177
93. Predicting factors for success of vaginal delivery in preterm induction with prostaglandin E₂. Page:163—169
94. Maternal serum placental growth factor and pregnancy-associated plasma protein A measured in the first trimester as parameters of subsequent pre-eclampsia and small-for-gestational-age infants: A prospective observational study. Page:154—162
95. Association of citalopram with congenital anomalies: A meta-analysis. Page:145—153
96. No fault compensation in perinatal medicine in Japan-from results for 8 years. Page:139—144
97. Catamenial hemoptysis accompanied by subcutaneous endometriosis treated with combination therapy. Page:236—239
98. Pulmonary embolism in a healthy woman using the oral contraceptives containing desogestrel. Page:232—235
99. Mucinous cystadenocarcinoma of ovary with metastasis in 14-year-old girl. Page:227—231