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Volume: 57 Issue: 4

1. Erratum: Figure Correction. Page:342—342
2. Primary ovarian choriocarcinoma mimicking ectopic pregnancy. Page:330—333
3. Congenital leukemia of fetus with acquired AML1 gene duplication. Page:325—329
4. The expression of FAS-associated factor 1 and heat shock protein 70 in ovarian cancer. Page:281—290
5. Clinical experience in ovarian squamous cell carcinoma arising from mature cystic teratoma: A rare entity. Page:274—280
6. The effect of luteal phase progesterone supplementation on natural frozen-thawed embryo transfer cycles. Page:291—296
7. Complete septate uterus, obstructed hemivagina, and ipsilateral adnexal and renal agenesis in pregnancy. Page:310—313
8. Serous borderline tumor of the fallopian tube. Page:334—337
9. Acute abdomen due to ovarian congestion caused by coiling of the fallopian tube accompanied by paratubal cyst around the utero-ovarian ligament. Page:338—341
10. Surgical resection or aspiration with ethanol sclerotherapy of endometrioma before in vitro fertilization in infertilie women with endometrioma. Page:297—303
11. Significant gastrointestinal morbidity after sacrocolpopexy: The incidence and risk factors. Page:304—309
12. Successful management of maternal factor VII deficiency in a cesarean section. Page:314—317
13. Prenatal diagnosis of a 7q21.13q22.1 deletion detected using high-resolution microarray. Page:318—324
14. Tumor-infiltration of T-lymphocytes is inversely correlated with clinicopathologic factors in endometrial adenocarcinoma. Page:266—273
15. Pregnancy-associated pulmonary embolism during the peripartum period: An 8-year experience at a single center. Page:260—265
16. The tryptophan utilization concept in pregnancy. Page:249—259