WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Neuroscience Bulletin> 2019> 35> 2

Volume: 35 Issue: 2

1. Post-Mortem MRI and Histopathology in Neurologic Disease: A Translational Approach. Page:229—243
2. Correlations Between Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms, Cognitive Dysfunction, and Postmortem Brain Pathology in Alzheimer's Disease Among Han Chinese. Page:193—204
3. Pathological Changes to the Subcortical Visual System and its Relationship to Visual Hallucinations in Dementia with Lewy Bodies. Page:295—300
4. Activation of the Brain to Postpone Dementia: A Concept Originating from Postmortem Human Brain Studies. Page:253—266
5. Quantification of Tyrosine Hydroxylase and ErbB4 in the Locus Coeruleus of Mood Disorder Patients Using a Multispectral Method to Prevent Interference with Immunocytochemical Signals by Neuromelanin. Page:205—215
6. Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Gliomas Exhibit Cell Biological and Molecular Signatures of Fetal Hindbrain-Derived Neural Progenitor Cells. Page:216—224
7. Brain Banking for Research into Neurodegenerative Disorders and Ageing. Page:283—288
8. Human Brain Slice Culture: A Useful Tool to Study Brain Disorders and Potential Therapeutic Compounds. Page:244—252
9. Brains for Dementia Research: The Importance of Cohorts in Brain Banking. Page:289—294
10. NMDA Receptor Antagonist MK801 Protects Against 1-Bromopropane-Induced Cognitive Dysfunction. Page:347—361
11. Neuroprotective Autophagic Flux Induced by Hyperbaric Oxygen Preconditioning is Mediated by Cystatin C. Page:336—346
12. The Stanley Neuropathology Consortium Integrative Database (SNCID) for Psychiatric Disorders. Page:277—282
13. Altered Local Field Potential Relationship Between the Parafascicular Thalamic Nucleus and Dorsal Striatum in Hemiparkinsonian Rats. Page:315—324
14. Standardized Operational Protocol for Human Brain Banking in China. Page:270—276
15. Comparison of Reference Genes for Transcriptional Studies in Postmortem Human Brain Tissue Under Different Conditions. Page:225—228
16. Legal and Ethical Issues in Brain Banking. Page:267—269
17. Phosphorylated TDP-43 Staging of Primary Age-Related Tauopathy. Page:183—192
18. Folate/Vitamin B Alleviates Hyperhomocysteinemia-Induced Alzheimer-Like Pathologies in Rat Retina. Page:325—335
19. Parkinson's Disease Risk Variant rs1109303 Regulates the Expression of INPP5K and CRK in Human Brain. Page:365—368
20. The rs2228570 Variant of the Vitamin D Receptor Gene is Associated with Essential Tremor. Page:362—364
21. Kir2.1 Channel Regulation of Glycinergic Transmission Selectively Contributes to Dynamic Mechanical Allodynia in a Mouse Model of Spared Nerve Injury. Page:301—314
22. Progress in Human Brain Banking in China. Page:179—182