WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Neuroscience Bulletin> 2018> 34> 3

Volume: 34 Issue: 3

1. Cystatin C Induces Insulin Resistance in Hippocampal Neurons and Promotes Cognitive Dysfunction in Rodents. Page:543—545
2. A Rarely Encountered Case: A Patient with Primary Pituitary Tuberculosis and Stroke. Page:546—548
3. ZNF804A Variation May Affect Hippocampal-Prefrontal Resting-State Functional Connectivity in Schizophrenic and Healthy Individuals. Page:507—516
4. Vernier But Not Grating Acuity Contributes to an Early Stage of Visual Word Processing. Page:517—526
5. Up-Regulation of Akt and Nav1.8 in BmK I-Induced Pain. Page:539—542
6. Opposite Interplay Between the Canonical WNT/β-Catenin Pathway and PPAR Gamma: A Potential Therapeutic Target in Gliomas. Page:573—588
7. Dopamine D4 Receptor Gene Associated with the Frontal-Striatal-Cerebellar Loop in Children with ADHD: A Resting-State fMRI Study. Page:497—506
8. Whole-Brain Mapping of Direct Inputs to and Axonal Projections from GABAergic Neurons in the Parafacial Zone. Page:485—496
9. AATYK is a Novel Regulator of Oligodendrocyte Differentiation and Myelination. Page:527—533
10. Biophotonic Activity and Transmission Mediated by Mutual Actions of Neurotransmitters are Involved in the Origin and Altered States of Consciousness. Page:534—538
11. Electroacupuncture Alleviates Motor Symptoms and Up-Regulates Vesicular Glutamatergic Transporter 1 Expression in the Subthalamic Nucleus in a Unilateral 6-Hydroxydopamine-Lesioned Hemi-Parkinsonian Rat Model. Page:476—484
12. The Mechanism of Cortico-Striato-Thalamo-Cortical Neurocircuitry in Response Inhibition and Emotional Responding in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder with Comorbid Disruptive Behavior Disorder. Page:566—572
13. Atlas of the Striatum and Globus Pallidus in the Tree Shrew: Comparison with Rat and Mouse. Page:405—418
14. Dendritic Cell Factor 1-Knockout Results in Visual Deficit Through the GABA System in Mouse Primary Visual Cortex. Page:465—475
15. Effects of Ketamine on Basal Gamma Band Oscillation and Sensory Gating in Prefrontal Cortex of Awake Rats. Page:457—464
16. Inhibition of KLF7-Targeting MicroRNA 146b Promotes Sciatic Nerve Regeneration. Page:419—437
17. Intervention Effect of Repetitive TMS on Behavioral Adjustment After Error Commission in Long-Term Methamphetamine Addicts: Evidence From a Two-Choice Oddball Task. Page:449—456
18. Super-Resolution Track-Density Imaging Reveals Fine Anatomical Features in Tree Shrew Primary Visual Cortex and Hippocampus. Page:438—448
19. Mutations of N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor Subunits in Epilepsy. Page:549—565