WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Applied Physiology> 2005> 21> 3

Volume: 21 Issue: 3

1. Effects of NG-nitro-L-arginine on the role of ischemic pre-conditioning resists ischemia/reperfusion injury in lungs. Page:358—360
2. A cell model of ischemia/reperfusion injury on skeletal muscle. Page:356—358
3. Determination of homocysteine level in plasma by high performance liquids chromatography with fluorescence detection. Page:353—355
4. The effect of "living high and training low" on serum CK, LDH and ALT of rowing athletes. Page:349—352
5. The protection effect of a new combined anti-G measure. Page:344—348
6. Evaluation of endothelial cells differentiated from mesenchymal stem cells of human bone marrow with Tie-2 monoclonal antibody by immunohistochemistry in vitro. Page:340—343
7. Inhibiton of breast cancer MCF-7 cells proliferation by c-myc expression of liposome-mediated antisense oligonucleotide. Page:338—355
8. Significance of calcineurin activation and CD40L expression in patients with active lupus nephritis. Page:334—338
9. Effect of acetylcholine on the cytotoxicity of natural killer cells. Page:330—333
10. The expression of neurotrophin-3 in forebrain cortex neurons of morphine dependent mice. Page:328—329
11. Effect of antisense oligonucleotides of ryanodine receptor on proliferation and Ca2+i of airway smooth muscle cells. Page:324—328
12. Effects of pregnanolone on spontaneous firing of pain nucleus of habenula in rats. Page:323—333
13. Study of the mechanisms of dyspnea during exercise in COPD. Page:319—323
14. The role of angiotension II receptor and calpain in myocardium remodeling. Page:315—318
15. Mechanism of the angiogenic effect of bone marrow stromal cells implantation on acute myocardial infarction. Page:311—314
16. Effect of Hsp70 induced by pre-heat on Fas pathway of cardiomyocytes apoptosis. Page:309—314
17. Effect of high glucose and high insulin on NE-induced cardiac hypertrophy of the cultured myocardial cells. Page:305—309
18. Protective effect of nitric oxide on gastric mucosa and its relationship to the acid secretion of gastric parietal cells under stress in rats. Page:301—304
19. Expression of human membrane associated sialidase gene in prostate carcinoma PC-3 cell line. Page:299—304
20. Study on screening differentially expressed genes in mice livers by silver staining DD-PCR. Page:296—299
21. Location and expression of NF-kappaB in lung of rats with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Page:293—295
22. Effects of vagotomy on UCP2 mRNA expression and gastric acid secretion in rats. Page:290—292
23. + Gz protection provided by a new type of integrated protective suit (IPS). Page:288—352
24. Protective effects of local heat preconditioning on hepatic ischemia/reperfusion injury. Page:285—288
25. Effects of hypoxia on the secretions of proinflammatory cytokines TNF-alpha and IL-6 in macrophages and its mechanism. Page:281—284
26. The changes of cAMP and adenylyl cyclase mRNA level in hippocampus of mice with ischemia/reperfusion. Page:278—280
27. Effects of acute hypoxia and intermittent hypoxic acclimatization on vascular endothelial growth factor gene expression in HepG2 cells. Page:274—277
28. Detection of distinct proteins for brain injury rats serum using a protein chip. Page:270—273
29. Study of the protective effect of L-arginine on relative ischemic/reperfusion injury in myocardium of rat. Page:266—269
30. Expression and purification of human annexin V in E. coli. Page:264—269
31. A receptors in the locus ceruleus involved in attenuating the intracerebroventricular histamine-induced carotid baroreflex resetting in rats. Page:260—264
32. Protein kinase C agonist phorbol 12-Myristate-Acetate induces nociception and enhances nitric oxide production in the spinal cord of rats. Page:256—259
33. Study on the protective effect of progesterone on hypoxic/ischemic brain edema in newborn rats. Page:255—348
34. The responses of pain-related neurons in habenula to nociceptive stimuli and morphine. Page:252—255
35. Effect of motilin receptor agonist-erythromycin on the glucose responsive neurons in hypothalamus of rats. Page:248—251
36. Changes of nitric oxide synthase gene expression in rat brain after local cerebral ischemia. Page:246—277
37. Effects of sodium metabisulfite on potassium currents in acutely isolated rat hippocampal CA1 neurons. Page:241—246