WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Applied Physiology> 2005> 21> 1

Volume: 21 Issue: 1

1. Primary monolayer culture of rat adrenal cortical cells. Page:117—119
2. Effect of deafferentation on parvalbumin of adult rat olfactory bulb. Page:114—116
3. Distribution and efficiency of pEGFP-N1 plasmid after its transfection in cardiomyocytes. Page:112—114
4. Effects of interleukin-6 on voltage-dependent channels and NMDA currents of cultured neonatal rats hippocampal neurons. Page:110—111
5. Whole-cell recording of potassium and sodium currents in cortical, hippocampal, and sympathetic ganglia neurons. Page:105—110
6. Effects of daidzein on the Ca2+i of synapse in different brain regions of the aged mice. Page:103—104
7. Hepatocyte growth factor recruits endothelial progenitor cells from bone marrow into blood circulation. Page:100—103
8. Effect of injection salvia miltiorrhiza on the expression of inducible nitric oxide synthase in the cochlea of guinea pig damaged by streptomycin. Page:96—99
9. Isolation proliferation and characterization of endothelial progenitor cells from adult peripheral blood. Page:94—95
10. Study on the sweat regulation mechanism under different temperature circumstance and different intensive exercise. Page:90—94
11. Effects of genistein on bone mineralization in ovariectomized rats. Page:86—89
12. Study of effect and mechanism of c-myb on the fertilization in mouse. Page:81—85
13. Effects of aldosterone on the production of ET and NO from neonatal rat myocardial fibroblasts. Page:78—80
14. Effect of gastric mucosa cell turnover on the adaptive cytoprotection in chronic alcohol drinking rat. Page:74—78
15. Changes of ACTH level to hypoxia in rat. Page:72—73
16. Calcium ionophore induced histamine and tryptase release from human mast cells. Page:69—72
17. Effect of danazol on rat ectopic endometrium. Page:67—68
18. The characteristics of opioid receptors distributed in the neurons of habenula. Page:64—67
19. Effect of hypoxia on pHi, proliferation and apoptosis of pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells of rats in vitro. Page:62—63
20. Relationship between graded spinal cord injury and rubrospinal MEPs in rats. Page:58—62
21. Effects of Tiaoxin and Zishen prescription on hippocampus neurotransmitters in Alzheimer's disease rats. Page:55—57
22. Endogenous catecholamine participates in the action of interleukin-2 on the isolated rat heart. Page:51—54
23. Regulatory effects of nucleotides on ATP-sensitive potassium channel opener pinacidil-induced vascular relaxation. Page:46—50
24. Effect of NOS and PTEN on cardiomyocyte hypertrophy induced by angiotensin II. Page:41—45
25. The changes of ultrastructure of rat vascular endothelia after infrasound exposure. Page:39—99
26. Pioglitazone inhibits cardiac hypertrophy of rats in vitro and in vivo. Page:35—39
27. Effect of sport training on adrenal cortical hormones and gonadal axis hormones in serum of students. Page:33—34
28. The effect of NO, ET-1 on brain injury after hind limbs ischemia/reperfusion in rats. Page:30—33
29. Effect of propofol on anti-oxidation capability in the ischemia/reperfusion injury after hepatic ischemia in rabbits. Page:26—29
30. Initial study on relationship between pICLn protein and hypotonic state. Page:24—25
31. Role of reactive oxygen species, nitric oxide and mitochondrial K(ATP) channels in TNF-alpha induced cardioprotection. Page:20—24
32. The state of SHP-1 and CD45 in lymphocyte under high partial pressure of oxygen. Page:15—18
33. Relationship between hypoxia-induced apoptosis and caspases-3 activation, intracellular calcium overload in cardiomyocytes. Page:10—14
34. Effects of different ambient temperatures on chlorpyrifos induced changes in body temperature in rats. Page:8—119
35. Intermittent hypoxia influence lymphocyte proliferation of rats. Page:5—8
36. Effects of hypoxia on ET and NO levels in cultured umbilical venous endothelial cells of native Tibetan. Page:1—4