WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Kidney Research and Clinical Practice> 2016> 35> 1

Volume: 35 Issue: 1

1. Bilateral ureteral calcification with left kidney hydronephrosis in systemic lupus erythematosus. Page:65—66
2. Pulmonary hypertension in chronic kidney disease: what could change the fate?. Page:63—64
3. An unusual case of fistula formation and thrombosis between arteriovenous graft and a native vein. Page:59—62
4. Warfarin skin necrosis mimicking calciphylaxis in a patient with secondary hyperparathyroidism undergoing peritoneal dialysis. Page:55—58
5. Comparison of clinical outcomes between ABO-compatible and ABO-incompatible spousal donor kidney transplantation. Page:50—54
6. Assessment of the relationship between serum soluble Klotho and carotid intima-media thickness and left ventricular dysfunction in hemodialysis patients. Page:42—49
7. Clinical utility of far-infrared therapy for improvement of vascular access blood flow and pain control in hemodialysis patients. Page:35—41
8. Evaluating the association of interleukin-10 gene promoter -592 A/C polymorphism with lupus nephritis susceptibility. Page:29—34
9. Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D as a predictor of hospitalization-free survival in predialysis and dialysis patients with chronic kidney disease: a single-center prospective observational analysis. Page:22—28
10. Direct vascular actions of quercetin in aorta from renal hypertensive rats. Page:15—21
11. Metabolic syndrome and obesity in peritoneal dialysis. Page:10—14
12. Chronic kidney disease and risk factors responsible for sudden cardiac death: a whiff of hope?. Page:3—9
13. Is Klotho deficiency independently associated with cardiovascular risk in chronic kidney disease?. Page:1—2