WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Kidney Research and Clinical Practice> 2014> 33> 4

Volume: 33 Issue: 4

1. Association between mortality and abdominal aortic calcification and their progression in hemodialysis patients. Page:234—235
2. A case of primary aldosteronism combined with acquired nephrogenic diabetes insipidus. Page:229—233
3. Resolution of uremic tumoral calcinosis in a patient on peritoneal dialysis with long-term low-calcium dialysate treatment. Page:226—228
4. Toxic epidermal necrolysis associated with deflazacort therapy with nephrotic syndrome. Page:222—225
5. Ipsilateral leg swelling after renal transplantation as an alarming sign of Iliac vein stenosis. Page:217—221
6. A randomized crossover study of single biweekly administration of epoetin-alpha compared with darbepoetin-alpha in chronic kidney disease patients not receiving dialysis. Page:210—216
7. Clinical outcome of percutaneous thrombectomy of dialysis access thrombosis by an interventional nephrologist. Page:204—209
8. Diagnostic accuracy of urine dipstick for proteinuria in older outpatients. Page:199—203
9. Insulin resistance is associated with new-onset cardiovascular events in nondiabetic patients undergoing peritoneal dialysis. Page:192—198
10. Reanalysis of membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis patients according to the new classification: a multicenter study. Page:187—191
11. Mechanisms of phytoestrogen biochanin A-induced vasorelaxation in renovascular hypertensive rats. Page:181—186
12. Anticoagulants and acute kidney injury: clinical and pathology considerations. Page:174—180
13. New classification of membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis: a good start but a long way to go. Page:171—173