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Volume: 19

1. The Influence of Resilience on the Quality of Life of Patients with non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Page:47—54
2. What Cancer Survivors are Discussing on the Internet About Returning to Work: A Social Network Analysis Page:37—46
3. Nurse's Perception of Cancer Treatment during Pregnancy Page:27—36
4. Perception and Satisfaction of Anticancer Drug Clinical Trials in Cancer Patients Page:18—26
5. A Concept Analysis of Posttraumatic Growth in Family Caregivers of Cancer Patients Page:9—17
6. Trend Analysis of Theory-based Research Published in Asian Oncology Nursing Page:1—8
7. Corrigendum Page:114—115
8. Factors Influencing Compliance with Safety Guidelines of Anticancer Drugs Among Nurses in General Hospitals Page:106—113
9. Exercise Participation Experiences of Colorectal Cancer Survivors Page:98—105
10. Menopausal Symptoms and Quality of Life Among Breast Cancer Patients with Chemotherapy-induced Amenorrhea Page:90—97
11. The Experience of Chemotherapy-induced Peripheral Neuropathy in People with Cancer Page:81—89
12. Factors Influencing Peripheral Neuropathy of Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy Page:71—80
13. Experience of Hope in Terminal Cancer Patients: Applying Parse' s Human Becoming Methodology Page:55—70
14. Experience of Cancer Patients Receiving Spiritual Nursing Care in one Christian General Hospital Page:179—191
15. Comparison of Symptoms, Depression, Intimacy, and Quality of Life According to Treatment Duration in Men with Prostate Cancer Undergoing Androgen Deprivation Therapy Page:169—178
16. Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction of Oncology Advanced Practice Nurses Page:159—168
17. Influence of Urinary Dysfunction on Quality of Life in Women with Cervical Cancer after Radical Hysterectomy Page:150—158
18. The Relationship among Attitudes toward the Withdrawal of Life-sustaining Treatment, Death Anxiety, and Death Acceptance among Hospitalized Elderly Cancer Patients Page:142—149
19. Effects of Illness Perception and Health Beliefs on the Quality of Life of Breast Cancer Patients in the Yanbian Area of China Page:135—141
20. Changes of Cognitive Function and Fatigue following Chemotherapy in Patients with Gastrointestinal Cancer: A Prospective Controlled Study Page:126—134
21. Change of the Self-care Agency and Quality of Life after Craniotomy among Patients with Brain tumor according to time Page:117—125
22. Status and Strategies for Safety Management of Antineoplastic Drugs among Oncology Nurses Page:252—261
23. Relationships between Attitude Towards Treatment, Distress, and Decision Conflict among Cancer Patients Receiving Chemotherapy Page:242—251
24. Effects of Emotional Intelligence and Nursing Working Environment on Nursing Performance of Nurses Caring for Cancer Patients in Small and Medium Hospitals: The Mediating Effect of Communication Competence Page:233—241
25. Patient Safety Perception and Patient Participation among Hemato-oncology Patients Page:224—232
26. The Effect of Self-efficacy and Depression on Sense of Family Coherence in Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy and Primary Caregivers in Day Care Wards: Using the Method Actor-partner Interdependence Model Page:214—223
27. Oxaliplatin-induced Peripheral Neuropathy, Symptoms, Distress and Quality of Life among Korean Patients with Gastrointestinal Cancer Page:204—213
28. Text Network Analysis of Oncology Nursing Studies Published in the Journal of Asian Oncology Nursing Page:193—203