WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Asian Oncology Nursing> 2012> 12

Volume: 12

1. Effects of Symptom Severity and Symptom Interference on Sleep Disturbance in Cancer Patients. Page:339—346
2. Comparison of Perception of the Neutropenic Diet between Nurses and Patients. Page:331—338
3. Associated Factors with Pin-fixing & Pin removal Pain among Patients Undergoing Gamma Knife Radiosurgery. Page:323—330
4. Distress, Depression, Anxiety, and Spiritual Needs of Patients with Stomach Cancer. Page:314—322
5. The Effects of Foot Reflexology on Peripheral Neuropathy, Symptom Distress, Anxiety and Depression in Cancer Patients Treated with Oxaliplatin. Page:305—313
6. Effect of Depression and Anxiety on Symptoms in Thyroid Cancer Patients Undergoing Radioactive Iodine (I131) Therapy. Page:297—304
7. Distress and Quality of Life in Breast Cancer Survivors in Korea. Page:289—296
8. Psychosocial Adjustment between Younger and Older Breast Cancer Survivors. Page:280—288
9. Effects of Pain, Sleep Disturbance, and Fatigue on the Quality of Life in Patients with Pancreatic Cancer Undergoing Chemotherapy. Page:117—124
10. Stress and Coping Strategies of Breast Cancer Patients and their Spouses. Page:20—26
11. Impacts of Fatigue, Pain, Anxiety, and Depression on the Quality of Life in Patients with Breast Cancer. Page:27—34
12. The Effects of a Comprehensive Education Program on Knowledge, Self-Efficacy, and Coping Style among Newly Diagnosed Patients with Breast Cancer. Page:35—43
13. Relationships between Knowledge, Attitude and Preventive Health Behavior about Cancer in University Students. Page:44—51
14. Relationships between Knowledge about Early Detection, Cancer Risk Perception and Cancer Screening Tests in the General Public Aged 40 and Over. Page:52—60
15. The Effect of Symptom Experience and Resilience on Quality of Life in Patients with Colorectal Cancers. Page:61—68
16. The Effect of Back Massage on Degree of Pain, State Anxiety and Quality of Sleep of Postoperative Patients with Gastrectomy. Page:69—76
17. Pain Management in Cancer Patients Who Are Registered in Public Health Centers. Page:77—83
18. Related Factors to Quality of Life among Hospitalized Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy. Page:84—91
19. Relationships between Stress, Ways of Coping and Burnout of Family Caregivers of Cancer Patients. Page:92—99
20. The Lived Experience of the Burnout of Nurses Working in Oncology Wards. Page:100—109
21. Pre- and Post-Transplant Nutritional Assessment in Patients Undergoing Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation. Page:110—116
22. Cognitive Function in Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Adjuvant Chemotherapy. Page:1—11
23. Associations between Health Behaviors and Health-Related Quality of Life among Breast Cancer Survivors. Page:12—19
24. A Symptom Cluster Analysis of Breast Cancer Patients Using a Mediation Model. Page:274—279
25. Current Issues and Tasks of Genetic Cancer Nursing in Korea. Page:267—273
26. The Effect of Patient Education Interventions on Distress, Self-Care Knowledge and Self-Care Behavior of Oncology Patients: A Meta-Analysis. Page:257—266
27. The analysis of Trends and Contents of Nursing Intervention Research for Cancer Patients in Korea. Page:247—256
28. Erratum. Page:194—194
29. Caring for Dying Patient with Glioblastoma Multiforme: A Narrative Analysis of the Caring Experience of Family Caregiver. Page:186—193
30. Experiences of Korean-American Women with High Risk Hereditary Breast Cancer. Page:175—185
31. Factors Associated with Colorectal Cancer Screening of Blue-Color Workers. Page:166—174
32. A Study on the Predictive Factors of Sexual Function in Women with Gynecologic Cancer. Page:156—165
33. Knowledge and Awareness of Nurses and Doctors Regarding Cancer Pain Management in a Tertiary Hospital. Page:147—155
34. Impact of Uncertainty on Resilience in Cancer Patients. Page:139—146
35. Performance Status and Quality Life of Patients with Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation According to Period of Survival. Page:132—138
36. Effects of Horticultural Therapy Program on State-Anxiety, Fatigue and Quality of Life among Women Cancer Survivors. Page:125—131
37. Erratum: Factors Associated with Colorectal Cancer Screening of Blue-Color Workers. Page:246—246
38. A Conceptual Analysis of Cancer Survivorship. Page:237—245
39. Comparison of Pain Management between before and after the Application of Guidelines in Cancer Emergency Room. Page:230—236
40. Correlates Influencing Cognitive Impairment in Breast Cancer Patients receiving Chemotherapy. Page:221—229
41. Influencing Factors on Medication Adherence in Colorectal Cancer Patients Receiving Oral Chemotherapy. Page:213—220
42. The Effects and Variances of the Critical Pathway of Laparoscopic Colon Resection in Colon Cancer Patients. Page:204—212
43. Effectiveness of Physical Exercise in Patients Undergoing Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation. Page:195—203