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Volume: 47 Issue: 6

1. Corrigendum: Two international public platforms for the exposure of Archives of Plastic Surgery to worldwide researchers and surgeons: PubMed Central and Crossref Page:633—633
2. Dissecting cellulitis of the scalp: A diagnostic challenge Page:631—632
3. Optimizing aesthetic outcomes after Goldilocks mastectomy: A new method of nipple reconstruction Page:629—630
4. Response to letter: Comments on “Hyaluronidase: an overview of its properties, applications, and side effects” Page:628—628
5. Comments on “Hyaluronidase: an overview of its properties, applications, and side effects” Page:626—627
6. A modified method for corner mouth lift in scar-prone patients Page:622—625
7. Recycling of flap pedicle in complex lower extremity reconstruction: A proof of free muscle flap neovascularization Page:619—621
8. Urethroplasty of extensive penile urethral strictures with a longitudinal ventral tubed flap of penile skin (modified Orandi urethroplasty): 20 years of follow-up of two cases Page:613—618
9. Cadaveric study of deep temporal fascia for autologous rhinoplasty grafts: Dimensions of the temporal compartment in Asians Page:604—612
10. Open carpal release using local anesthesia without a tourniquet: Does bleeding tendency affect the outcome? Page:597—603
11. Partial second toe pulp free flaps in early childhood Page:590—596
12. Comparison of breast volume change between oncoplastic breast-conserving surgery with radiation therapy and a simultaneous contralateral balancing procedure through the inverted-T scar technique Page:583—589
13. Retrospective review of 108 breast reconstructions using the round block technique after breast-conserving surgery: Indications, complications, and outcomes Page:574—582
14. Outcome of complete acellular dermal matrix wrap with polyurethane implant in immediate prepectoral breast reconstruction Page:567—573
15. Blink reflex changes and sensory perception in infraorbital nerve-innervated areas following zygomaticomaxillary complex fractures Page:559—566
16. Multifactorial analysis of the surgical outcomes of giant congenital melanocytic nevi: Single versus serial tissue expansion Page:551—558
17. Clinical interventions and speech outcomes for individuals with submucous cleft palate Page:542—550
18. A systematic review of the keystone design perforator island flap in the reconstruction of trunk defects Page:535—541
19. A systematic review of the scalp donor site for split-thickness skin grafting Page:528—534
20. Septal deviation correction methods and surgical considerations in turbinoplasty Page:522—527
21. Correction of bony deviation in rhinoplasty Page:516—521
22. Deviated nose: Physiological and pathological changes of the nasal cavity Page:505—515
23. Correction of the deviated tip and columella in crooked nose Page:495—504
24. Archives of Plastic Surgery in the current Warring States period of plastic surgery journals Page:493—494