WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Archives of Plastic Surgery> 2020> 47> 5

Volume: 47 Issue: 5

1. COVID-19 plastic surgery recovery plan: The Malaysian experience Page:490—492
2. Unusual presentations of philtrum of the lip Page:488—489
3. Uncovering the etiology of ptosis prior to blepharoplasty Page:487—487
4. Anatomic landmark approach to reconstruction of asymmetric midline cleft lip due to Pai syndrome Page:483—486
5. Orienting the superficial inferior epigastric artery (SIEA) pedicle in a stacked SIEA-deep inferior epigastric perforator free flap configuration for unilateral tertiary breast reconstruction Page:473—482
6. Analysis of the clinical and aesthetic results of facial dimple creation surgery Page:467—472
7. A multi-institutional analysis of sternoclavicular joint coverage following osteomyelitis Page:460—466
8. Arterial or venous free flaps for volar tissue defects of the proximal interphalangeal joint: A comparison of surgical outcomes Page:451—459
9. Effects of hyperbaric oxygen on graft survival outcomes in composite grafting for amputated fingertip injury Page:444—450
10. Anatomical variations of the innervated radial artery superficial palmar branch flap: A series of 28 clinical cases Page:435—443
11. The utility of three-dimensional models in complex microsurgical reconstruction Page:428—434
12. Blossom smart expander technology for tissue expander-based breast reconstruction facilitates shorter duration to full expansion: A pilot study Page:419—427
13. Intraoperative blood loss and surgical time according to the direction of maxillary movement Page:411—418
14. How to approach orthognathic surgery in patients who refuse blood transfusion Page:404—410
15. Cartilage tissue engineering for craniofacial reconstruction Page:392—403
16. Pediatric facial reanimation: An algorithmic approach and systematic review Page:382—391
17. Two international public platforms for the exposure of Archives of Plastic Surgery to worldwide researchers and surgeons: PubMed Central and Crossref Page:377—381
18. Breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma in an Asian patient: The first case report from Thailand Page:478—482