WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Archives of Plastic Surgery> 2020> 47> 3

Volume: 47 Issue: 3

1. Use of the short saphenous vein graft in microsurgical reconstruction Page:282—286
2. The Thumb: A Guide to Surgical Management Page:281—281
3. Multi-modal treatment strategy for achieving an aesthetic lower face Page:256—262
4. Patterns of wrist cutting: A retrospective analysis of 115 suicide attempts Page:250—255
5. The Exoscope versus operating microscope in microvascular surgery: A simulation non-inferiority trial Page:242—249
6. BellaGel breast implant: 6-Year results of a prospective cohort study Page:235—241
7. Subeschar culture using a punch instrument in unstageable wounds Page:228—234
8. Epidemiology of severe trauma patients treated by plastic surgeons: A 7-year study at a single regional trauma center in South Korea Page:223—227
9. Use of platelet-rich plasma and modified nanofat grafting in infected ulcers: Technical refinements to improve regenerative and antimicrobial potential Page:217—222
10. The effects of optimizing blood inflow in the pedicle on perforator flap survival: A pilot study in a rat model Page:209—216
11. The molecular pathophysiology of vascular anomalies: Genomic research Page:203—208
12. A safe distance between doctor and patient Page:201—202
13. Anorectal malformation with didelphys uterus: Extremely rare anomaly and successful neoanal sphincter reconstruction with gracilis muscle flap Page:272—276
14. Recurrent late seroma after immediate breast reconstruction with latissimus dorsi musculocutaneous flap Page:267—271
15. Modification of the position of the angulus oris with a rotation flap and a YV flap in lip reconstruction Page:277—280
16. Long-term results of unilateral cleft lip repair with multiple infantile hemangiomas including one involving the cleft side of the upper lip Page:263—266