WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Archives of Plastic Surgery> 2019> 46> 6

Volume: 46 Issue: 6

1. Beliefs and trends of aesthetic surgery in South Korean young adults Page:612—616
2. Simultaneous corrective osteotomy and fracture fixation in a patient with polydactyly Page:610—611
3. Response to Letter: Adjustments to the round-the-clock technique for correction of gynecomastia Page:608—609
4. Letter: Adjustments to the round-the-clock technique for correction of gynecomastia Page:608—608
5. Preparation of harvested skin using the Versajet Hydrosurgery System in full-thickness skin grafts Page:603—607
6. Incidental finding of subclavian artery occlusion and subsequent hypoplastic internal mammary artery as a candidate recipient vessel in DIEP flap breast reconstruction Page:599—602
7. Brachial plexus impingement secondary to implantable cardioverter defibrillator: A case report Page:594—598
8. Late avulsion of a free flap in a patient with severe psychiatric illness: Establishing a successful salvage strategy Page:589—593
9. Long-term outcomes of nail bed reconstruction Page:580—588
10. Free flap thrombosis in patients with hypercoagulability: A systematic review Page:572—579
11. Earwax of patients with hidradenitis suppurativa: A retrospective study Page:566—571
12. Simultaneous two-layer harvesting of scalp split-thickness skin and dermal grafts for acute burns and postburn scar deformities Page:558—565
13. Considerations for patient selection: Prepectoral versus subpectoral implant-based breast reconstruction Page:550—557
14. Inlay graft of acellular dermal matrix to prevent incisional dehiscence after radiotherapy in prosthetic breast reconstruction Page:544—549
15. A simple clinical assessment of breast animation deformity following direct-to-implant breast reconstruction Page:535—543
16. Safety and efficacy of transcutaneous bone conduction implant surgery for hearing improvement in microtia patients with bilateral hearing impairment Page:525—534
17. Early outcomes of cleft and palatal width following anterior palate repair (vomerine flap) in infants with wide cleft lip and palate Page:518—524
18. Establishing cleft services in developing countries: Complications of cleft lip and palate surgery in rural areas of Indonesia Page:511—517
19. The use of autologous fat grafts in breast surgery: A literature review Page:498—510
20. Recent trends in medical journals’ data sharing policies and statements of data availability Page:493—497