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Volume: 46 Issue: 4

1. De-epithelialized dermal flap for nipple reconstruction: A modified star flap Page:324—329
2. Indocyanine green fluorescence videoangiography for reliable variations of supraclavicular artery flaps Page:318—323
3. Publication rate of presentations at Korean plastic surgery meetings: The R&R Forum, KSAPS, and KSPRS (2011–2015) Page:311—317
4. Clinical outcomes of a low-cost single-channel myoelectric-interface three-dimensional hand prosthesis Page:303—310
5. Deep sternal wound infections: Evidence for prevention, treatment, and reconstructive surgery Page:291—302
6. A note on the current review process of Archives of Plastic Surgery Page:289—290
7. Characteristics of adhesion areas between the tissue expander and capsule in implant-based breast reconstruction Page:330—335
8. Surgical outcomes of sternal rigid plate fixation from 2005 to 2016 using the American College of Surgeons-National Surgical Quality Improvement Program database Page:336—343
9. Proximal ligation after the side-to-end anastomosis recovery technique for lymphaticovenous anastomosis Page:344—349
10. Effectiveness of mini-open carpal tunnel release: An outcome study Page:350—358
11. A novel photonumeric hand grading scale for hand rejuvenation Page:359—364
12. Subtotal calvarial vault reconstruction utilizing a customized polyetheretherketone (PEEK) implant with chimeric microvascular soft tissue coverage in a patient with syndrome of the trephined: A case report Page:365—370
13. Spare parts neoumbilicoplasty Page:371—374
14. Reconsidering the “MR Unsafe” breast tissue expander with magnetic infusion port: A case report and literature review Page:375—380
15. Accessory penis: A rare method of peno-urethral separation of sexual function and voiding following successful complex hypospadias reconstruction with a free ileum flap Page:381—385
16. Finite element analysis of long-term changes of the breast after augmentation mammoplasty: Implications for implant design Page:386—389
17. Successful salvage of failed post-sarcoma excision reconstruction and exposed alloplastic mesh with an anterolateral thigh flap Page:390—391
18. Macrodystrophia lipomatosa of bilateral hands and the left upper limb with syndactyly Page:392—393