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Volume: 46 Issue: 3

1. History of revascularization surgery: Robert Abbe’s contribution Page:287—288
2. Application of a paste-type acellular dermal matrix for coverage of chronic ulcerative wounds Page:285—286
3. Design of a combined cartilage graft crusher, morselizer and holder for use in rhinoplasty Page:282—284
4. Gracilis pull-through flap for the repair of a recalcitrant recto-vaginal fistula Page:277—281
5. Management of severe hidradenitis suppurativa with biologic therapy and wide excision Page:272—276
6. Achilles tendon reconstruction with a half-width Achilles graft and wrap-around fascial flap Page:267—271
7. Thorax masculinization in a transsexual patient: Inferior pedicle mastectomy without an inverted T scar Page:262—266
8. Use of the cross-leg distally based sural artery flap for the reconstruction of complex lower extremity defects Page:255—261
9. Perception of upper lip augmentation utilizing simulated photography Page:248—254
10. Comparison of postoperative pain according to the harvesting method used in hair restorative surgery Page:241—247
11. Limberg flap reconstruction for sacrococcygeal pilonidal sinus disease with and without acute abscess: Our experience and a review of the literature Page:235—240
12. Barbed sutures versus conventional tenorrhaphy in flexor tendon repair: An ex vivo biomechanical analysis Page:228—234
13. The round-the-clock technique for correction of gynecomastia Page:221—227
14. Antithrombotic effect of epigallocatechin gallate on the patency of arterial microvascular anastomoses Page:214—220
15. A comparative study between sterile freeze-dried and sterile pre-hydrated acellular dermal matrix in tissue expander/implant breast reconstruction Page:204—213
16. The impact of major league baseball on the incidence of operative hand and facial trauma at a level 1 trauma center Page:198—203
17. Safe anesthesia for office-based plastic surgery: Proceedings from the PRS Korea 2018 meeting in Seoul, Korea Page:189—197
18. The peer review system of Archives of Plastic Surgery: Current status and plans for improvement Page:187—188