WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Archives of Craniofacial Surgery> 2018> 19> 2

Volume: 19 Issue: 2

1. Treatment of intractable parotid sialocele occurred after open reduction-fixation of mandibular subcondylar fracture. Page:157—161
2. Mandibular reconstruction using customized three-dimensional titanium implant. Page:152—156
3. Columellar reconstruction: a refinement of technique. Page:148—151
4. Delayed formation of sterile abscess after zygomaticomaxillary complex fracture treatment with bioabsorbable plates. Page:143—147
5. Multiple foreign bodies causing an orocutaneous fistula of the cheek. Page:139—142
6. Forehead reconstruction with a custom-made three-dimensional titanium implant in a Parry-Romberg syndrome patient. Page:135—138
7. Contouring of zygomatic soft tissue using bilateral free groin flaps in a Treacher Collins syndrome patient. Page:131—134
8. Solitary mastocytoma presenting at birth. Page:127—130
9. Correlation between dermal thickness and scar formation in female patients after thyroidectomy. Page:120—126
10. Delayed degradation according to the location of fixation with using an absorbable plate. Page:114—119
11. Retrospective analysis of 79 patients with orbital floor fracture: outcomes and patient-reported satisfaction. Page:108—113
12. Usefulness of indirect open reduction via a transconjunctival approach for the treatment of nasal bone fracture associated with orbital blowout fracture. Page:102—107
13. Temporal augmentation with calvarial onlay graft during pterional craniotomy for prevention of temporal hollowing. Page:94—101
14. Correction of deviated nose. Page:85—93
15. Trench coats, Cushing, and Gillies. Page:83—84