Volume: 53 Issue: 6

1. Research progress of nasal mucosal immunization vaccine against COVID-19 Page:643—650
2. Research progress of radioprobes targeting fibroblast activating protein Page:651—662
3. Research progress of N6-methyladenine demethylase inhibitors Page:663—673
4. Design, synthesis and anti-cervical cancer activity of novel trifluoromethyl chalcones derivatives Page:674—684
5. Optimized synthesis process of tofacitinib citrate Page:685—689
6. Preparation of paeonol nanoemulsion and investigation of vascular endothelial cells uptake Page:690—697
7. Population bioequivalence statistical method based on earth mover′s distance for evaluation of particle size distribution consistency of ophthalmic emulsion Page:698—704
8. Determination of azide genotoxic impurity in linezolid API and glucose injection by UPLC-MS/MS Page:705—709
9. Chiral separation of four acidic drugs by micellar electrokinetic chromatography with ionic liquid-based surfactant Page:710—715
10. Novel oxazine fluorescent dyes for intraoperative neuroimaging Page:716—724
11. Discovery of a new nosiheptide-producing strain and its fermentation optimization for nosiheptide production Page:725—733
12. rhIL23R-CHR/Fc fusion protein inhibits Act-HaCaT inflammation and proliferation by downregulating ENST00000522718 Page:734—741
13. Research on the development of bio-pharmaceutical industry integration and collaborative innovation in the Yangtze River Delta under the mode of Industry-University-Research cooperation Page:742—749
14. Research progress of next-generation gene editing tools Page:633—642