Volume: 53 Issue: 2

1. Advances of inhibitors targeting MLL1-WDR5 protein-protein interaction Page:125—136
2. Advances in the synthetic methods of bicyclo[1.1.1]pentane derivatives Page:137—145
3. Research progress of solute carriers in mediating nanomedicine across the blood-brain barrier Page:146—155
4. Advances in research on visualization of living cell drugs in vivo Page:156—163
5. Advance of novel target strategies participating in myocardial ischemia reperfusion injury Page:164—170
6. Synthesis and protective effect of carboxymethylcysteine L-arginate in bronchial epithelial cells Page:171—177
7. Chemical constituents of petroleum ether extract from the stems and leaves of Humulus scandens Page:178—184
8. Determination of antioxidant activity of Polygoni Multiflori Radix Praeparata by HPLC-DPPH Page:185—191
9. A method for rapid analysis of polysorbate 80 components Page:192—199
10. Preparation and in vivo evaluation of a novel allicin pro-drug tablet Page:200—206
11. Prediction of the bioequivalence of different crystal forms of rifampicin based on physiologically based pharmacokinetic model Page:207—214
12. Protective effects and mechanism of icariin against vascular function in diabetic mice Page:215—221
13. Mechanism of 3-arylcoumarin derivatives inhibiting vascular calcification Page:222—231
14. Effect of homologous overexpression of nucleoside diphosphate kinase on the yield and molecular weight of hyaluronic acid Page:232—238
15. Protective effect and mechanism of Artemisia argyi extract on vancomycin-induced acute kidney injury Page:239—244
16. Systematic evaluation of scientific research output for disciplines of "Double First-Class" universities:an empirical case of the discipline of pharmacology and toxicology Page:245—252