Volume: 50 Issue: 4

1. Advances in strategies for activating silent biosynthetic gene clusters in Streptomyces Page:379—388
2. Advances in molecular mechanisms of organelle interaction and their role in disease developmen Page:389—396
3. Research progress and consideration of polymeric prodrugs Page:397—404
4. Process improvement on the synthesis of atomoxetine Page:405—409
5. Study on the bioactivity against hematologic malignancies and theoretical binding mechanism of a novel PI3K inhibitor JN-65 Page:410—416
6. Surface solid dispersion of honokiol-croscarmellose sodium:preparation and characterization Page:417—422
7. Identification of the related substances of cyclosporin A by LC-MS techniques Page:423—437
8. Preparation, in vitro imaging and antitumor activity of the second near-infrared imaging drug-loaded liposomes Page:438—443
9. Synthesis and evaluation of necrosis avidity of MRI contrast agent Gd-DO3A-Ether-Rhein Page:444—451
10. Cardiotoxicity evaluation of three novel proteasome inhibitors in zebrafish Page:452—458
11. Discovery and functional analysis of a cytochrome P450 gene involved in C-28 oxidation of the triterpenoids from Ilex pubescens Page:459—467
12. Hair regeneration in mice was promoted by 3-methyladenine through inhibiting autophagy flux Page:468—474
13. Pharmacodynamic study of magnesium isoglycyrrhizinate in HBV transgenic mouse model Page:475—480
14. Mechanism of lncRNA-PLUTO on promoting insulin biosynthesis and secretion Page:481—489
15. Effect and mechanism of FGF21 on astrocyte damage induced by Aβ25-35 Page:490—496
16. Researches progress of the relationship between neuro-inflammation and cognitive function Page:497—504