Volume: 50 Issue: 3

1. Research progress in acetyl-CoA carboxylase inhibitors Page:253—264
2. Research advances in hydrogen sulfide donors Page:265—272
3. Application of dendrimer-based siRNA delivery systems Page:274—288
4. Research advances of bispecific antibody drugs in tumor therapy Page:289—298
5. Eight-arm polyethylene glycol nanoconjugates for brain targeted delivery of photosensitizer Page:299—307
6. Preparation and evaluation of an oral insulin enteric preparation based on polymer-lipid hybrid nanoparticles Page:308—316
7. Development and validation of a novel and simple RP-HPLC method for the determination of related substances of tiopronin for injection Page:317—324
8. Determination of related genotoxic impurities in olmesartan medoxomil by HPLC-MS Page:325—329
9. Analysis of related substances in montelukast sodium granules by HPLC-MS/MS Page:330—336
10. Experimental study of metformin in relieving bone cancer pain by inhibiting JNK and improving gap junction function Page:337—343
11. MALAT1 upregulates SMYD3 by competition with miR-124 and promotes proliferation and migration of breast cancer cells Page:344—351
12. Establishment of a high-throughput analysis method for the identification of key proteases of peptide drugs in vitro Page:352—356
13. Research progress of synthetic methods of [18F]F-DOPA Page:357—363
14. Patent analysis for coagulation factor Xa inhibitors Page:364—373
15. IncoPat-based patent analysis of China Pharmaceutical University Page:374—378