Volume: 50 Issue: 2

1. Advances of relationship between protein O-GlcNAcylation and glucose metabolism in tumors Page:127—134
2. Research progress of apoptosis signal regulating kinases-1 and its inhibitors in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis Page:135—142
3. Tight junctions-associated proteins:a novel therapeutic target for cholestatic liver injury Page:143—151
4. Advances in methodologies for predicting metabolic stability for low-clearance drugs Page:152—160
5. Design, synthesis and biological application of affinity-based small molecular probe for Hsp90 endoplasmic reticulum paralogue of Grp94 Page:161—167
6. Synthesis and in vitro hypoglycemic activity of 3-(4′-benzoyl amino-phenyl)-coumarin derivatives Page:168—174
7. Evaluation of tolerance and pharmacodynamics of nano-micelle irinotecan formulation Page:175—179
8. Preparation of indomethacin-nicotinamide cocrystal by hot melt extrusion and its release in vitro Page:180—187
9. Detection of ketamine, MDMA and their main metabolites in urine samples by SPME-HPLC-MS Page:188—192
10. Determination of the content and related substances of neomycin sulfate by HPLC combined with pulsed amperometric detection Page:193—199
11. Analysis on genetic diversity of Hedyotis diffusa Willd.by inter simple sequence repeat(ISSR) Page:200—205
12. Effects of clinical P-glycoprotein inhibitors on oral bioavailability and brain penetration of gefitinib Page:206—212
13. Paeoniflorin inhibits programmed cell death-1-ligand 1 expression in HepG2 cells by regulating JAK/STAT3 signal pathway Page:213—221
14. Regio-selective glycosylation of mogroside IIIE by glycosyltransferase Page:222—229
15. Mechanism of lncRNA CTD-3252C9.4 on invasion and migration of pancreatic cancer Panc-1 cells in vitro Page:230—237
16. Pharmacological effects of anti-melanoma DC vaccine sensitized by fusion proteins of G3G6 and HST1 Page:238—245
17. Anti-liver fibrosis activities of the extracellular domain of transforming growth factor beta type II receptor fusion protein in vivo Page:246—252