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Volume: Issue: 1

1. Establishment of M1 Receptor Screening Model for Drugs for Alzheimer's Disease Using Radioimmunoassay Method Page:41—45
2. Influence of Ratios of Drug to Lipid on the Characteristics of Solid Lipid Nanoparticles Containing Mifepristone Page:22—26
3. Simultaneous quantitative determination of four active components in Salvia miltiorrhiza tablets by HPLC Page:51—54
4. Rapid quantification of tiopronin in human plasma by high-performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry Page:46—51
5. Synthesis and in vitro bioIogicaI activity of 3-phenyI-3-pyrroIyIpentane deriva-tives Page:30—37
6. Advances in enrichment strategies for phosphoproteomics and appIication of phosphoproteomics in disease research Page:19—29
7. PD-1/PD-Ls SignaI pathway and the appIication of anti-PD-1/PD-Ls antibodies in cancer therapy Page:9—18
8. In vitro study on the reguIation of Sheng-mai San on dysbacteriosis of intesti-naI fIora Page:95—100
9. CispIatin inhibits survivaI of human esophageaI squamous carcinoma ceIIs via p53 activation Page:90—94
10. Effects and mechanism of peroxiredoxin-6 on uItravioIet induced corneaI injury in rats Page:84—89
11. Pharmacokinetics of dimemorfan phosphate foIIowing singIe and muItipIe-dose oraI administration in heaIthy Chinese voIunteers Page:73—78
12. Affinity capiIIary monoIith in the study of interaction between bovine serum aI-bumin and nefopam enantiomers Page:66—72
13. Identification of reIated substances in ambrisentan by LC-MS MS techniques Page:58—65
14. Determination of catechin,epicatechin,gaIIic acid and procyanidin B2 in procy-anidins by RP-HPLC Page:54—57
15. Discovery of noveI EphB4 inhibitors based on pharmacophore modeIing and virtuaI screening techniques Page:38—47
16. Research progress of PoIo-Iike kinase 1 inhibitors targeting PoIo-box domain Page:1—8
17. Advances in Iipid-Iowering effect of PPARαagonists Page:118—124
18. Research progress of 1,2-diIinoIeyIoxy-3-dimethy Iaminopropane-based cat-ionic Iipid nanoparticIe Page:112—117
19. Condition of human Th17 ceII differentiation induced in vitro Page:106—111
20. Combination of scFv-AFP with doxorubicin inhibits ceII proIiferation in hepato-ceIIuIar carcinoma ceII Huh7 Page:101—105