Volume: 18 Issue: 7

1. Optimizing the Ultrasonic Extraction of Gardenia Oils from Gardenia Jasminoides Ellis by Response Surface Methodology Page:1206—1211
2. Impacts of Volatile Oil from Portulaca Oleracea L.on the Inner Cellular Signaling of Itch Model Stimulated by Capsaicine Page:1199—1205
3. MicroRNAs with the Regeneration and Differentiation of Islet β cells and the Targeted Therapy of Traditional Chinese Medicine Page:1188—1194
4. Analysis of the Features of Facial Complexions in 129 Children with Bronchial Asthma Page:1108—1112
5. Effects of Eerdun-Wurile on the Expressions of BDNF and NGF in the Prefrontal Cortex in Middle Cerebral Artery Occlusion / Reperfusion (MCAO / R) Injured Rats Page:1212—1218
6. A Research Progress on Matrine and Its Preparations Page:1099—1107
7. Effects of Different Soil Water Content on the Yield and Quality of Rehmannia Glutinosa Page:1195—1198
8. Impacts of Different Host Trees on the Quality of Taxillus Chinensis Page:1182—1187
9. A Research Progress on the Anti-Tumor Effects of Components in Phyllanthus Emblica L. Page:1177—1181
10. The Phytochemical and Pharmacological Progress on Comparisons Between Terminalia Chebula Retz. and Terminalia Chebula Retz. In Tibetan Medicine Page:1171—1176
11. Interpretation of Tibetan Medical Theory of Phyllanthus Emblica Based on Modern Pharmacological Researches Page:1166—1170
12. Effects of Tannins Extracted from Phyllanthi Fructus on the Activity of Cytochrome P450 Enzymes in Rats Page:1159—1165
13. Application of Phyllanthus Emblica L.in Tibetan Medicine Page:1154—1158
14. A Research Progress on Cognitive Dysfunction and Diabetes Mellitus Page:1149—1153
15. Impacts of Cyclocarya Paliurus Polysaccharide on Insulin Signaling Pathway in H4IIE Liver Cells Page:1144—1148
16. Effects of Kaempferol on the Skeletal Muscle of KKAy Mice via PI3K-AKT-GLUT4 Signaling Page:1139—1143
17. The Mechanism Behind the Effects of Oleuropein on Insulin Resistance in the Liver in db/db Mice Page:1133—1138
18. The Mechanism Behind the Anti-Apoptotic Effects of TNK on Islet β Cell in Type 2 Diabetic ZDF Rats Page:1126—1132
19. The Hypothesis of Elucidating the Cardioprotective Absorbed Bioactive Compounds of Danggui-Buxue-Tang with the Method of Bioethnopharmaceutical Analytical Pharmacology Page:1121—1125
20. Innovative Application of Information Technology in Traditional Chinese Medicine Informatization Construction Page:1113—1120
21. A Progress on the Key Technologies for Discovery of Bioactive Compounds from Traditional Chinese Medicines Page:1093—1098
22. An Interpretation of Strategic Outline for the Development of Chinese Medicine (2016-2030) Page:1088—1092