Volume: 18 Issue: 11

1. A Discussion on the Pollution-Free Cultivation of Panax notoginseng Page:1975—1980
2. Application of Microtox-Based Fast Test to the Evaluation of Comprehensive Toxicity of Sheng Mai Injection Page:1948—1953
3. Microtox Technology for the Evaluation of Comprehensive Toxicity of Shen Mai Injection Page:1942—1947
4. The Microtox-Based Fast Test of Comprehensive Toxicity of Safflower Injection Page:1935—1941
5. A Research Progress on the Biosynthesis of Effective Compounds in Salvia Miltiorrhiza Page:1891—1898
6. Effects of 4 Flavonoids from Scutellaria Baicalensis on Different Cancer Cell Lines Page:1845—1854
7. A Research on Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) Syndrome Patterns and Pulse Parameters of 348 Children with Recurrent Respiratory Tract Infection (RRTI) Page:2001—2006
8. A Research Progress on the Antimicrobial Proteins of Ginseng Page:1964—1968
9. Advances in Biosynthesis of Antiviral Active Components of Isatidis Radix Page:1908—1913
10. Advances in Biosynthesis and Metabolic Engineering of Tropane Alkaloids Page:1899—1907
11. Mechanisms Behind the Therapeutic Effects of Er Chen Combined with Tao Hong Si Wu Tang (ECSWT) on Rheumatoid Arthritis Page:1874—1878
12. A Research Progress and the Prospective of Hirudo Nipponica Page:2013—2018
13. The Application of Metabolomics in Pharmacokinetics to Multicomponent Herbal Medicine Page:2007—2012
14. A Pharmacodynamical Study on the Improvement of Senile Drosophilas with Fragmented Sleep with the Administration of Shuang Xia Decoction Page:1993—2000
15. A Research Progress on the Vantage of Cultivation of Ginseng in Farmlands Page:1981—1987
16. A Research on the Limited Amount Index of the Pesticide Residue and Heavy Metal Content of Notoginseng Medicinal Materials and Slices Based on the Pollution-Free Quality Page:1955—1963
17. A Quick Evaluation of Comprehensive Toxicity of Traditional Chinese Medical Injections Based on Microtox Technology Page:1929—1934
18. A Research Progress on the Biosynthetic Pathways of Indole Alkaloids Page:1914—1920
19. Tangnaikang Granule Intervention in Diabetic Patients with Early Clinical Observation of Abnormality of Glucose Tolerance Page:1839—1844