Volume: Issue: 9

1. Exploration on Compatibility between Shanyao and Top Grade Medicinals in the Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing Page:2060—2062
2. Clinical Experiences on Flexible Application of Herbal Medicine by National Famous Senior Doctor of TCM Professor Wang Jusheng Page:2057—2059
3. Construction of Knowledge Base Model of Syndromes and Prescriptions in Shanghan Lun Based on Artificial Neural Network Page:2033—2036
4. Discussion on Chloasma Treatment with Division Differentiation and Channel Pattern Differentiation Page:2028—2032
5. Effect of Transcutaneous Auricular Vagus Nerve Stimulation on Refractory Epileptic Seizures Page:2011—2020
6. Optimization of Extraction Technology of Paeonol from Paeonia Suffruticosa Page:1998—2001
7. Application of Dry Process Granulation Technique in FKⅣ Granules Preparation Page:1990—1997
8. Fingerprint and Multi-components Determination of Saponins in Sanjie-zhentong Capsule Page:1980—1984
9. Experimental Study of Jinzhen Koufuye on Acute Lung Injury Induced by Lipopolysaccharide in Rats Page:1959—1965
10. Advances in Research on Multiple Cropping of Medicinal Plants Page:1941—1947
11. Database Development of Leaf Morphological-venation Pattern for Identification of Chinese Herbs Page:1928—1932
12. Effect of Tao-He Cheng-Qi Decoction on Different Organ Injuries of Rats with Sepsis Page:1921—1927
13. Optimization of Purification Technology for Sambucus williamsii Hance. by Macroporous Resin Adsorption Column Chromatography Page:1907—1910
14. Clone of Full-length cDNA Sequence of Actin Gene of Eleutherococcus Senticosus and Bioinformatics Analysis Page:1901—1906
15. Data Mining Analysis of Medical Records on AIDS Fever by Professor Li Fazhi Page:2052—2056
16. Influence on Angiogenesis Factor and Expression of Its Receptor Protein of Estrogen-induced Uterine Fibroids Rat Model with Yi-Qi Xiao-Zheng Method Page:2047—2051
17. Study on Immunoregulation by Method of Promoting Blood Flow and Dissipating Phlegm among Rats with Chronic Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Page:2042—2046
18. Regulation of Zi-Bu Pi-Yin Method on β-amyloid Peptide and Insulin Degrading Enzyme in Brain Tissues of Spleen Yin Deficiency Diabetic Rats Page:2021—2027
19. Progress in Research of Clinopodii Herba Page:2002—2010
20. Determination of Mannitol and Meglumine in Diterpene Lactones of Ginkgo Injection by HPLC-ELSD Page:1985—1989
21. Study on Antifungal and Anti-inflammatory Effects of Chinese and Western Medicine She-Zhi Qin-Xian Ointment Page:1966—1970
22. Fingerprint Analysis of Terpene Lactones in Ginkgo Biloba Tablets by HPLC-ELSD Coupled with Chemometrics Page:1952—1958
23. Advances on Pharmacological Effects of Monkshood Polysaccharide Page:1948—1951
24. Effects of Herbal Pair of Semen Ziziphi Spinosae and Albizia Julibrissin Flower on Quality of Life among Elderly Patients with Depression Page:1933—1936
25. Effects of D-ribose on High-energy Phosphate Metabolism of Skeletal Muscle Tissues of Tired Mice Page:1916—1920
26. Study on Seed Propagation of Fritillariae Cirrhosae in Plateau Production Area Page:1911—1915
27. Identification of Original Plant of Plantaginis Semen and Its Adulterants Using DNA Barcoding Method Based on ITS2 Sequence Page:1896—1900
28. ISSR Analysis on Genetic Diversity of Germplasm Resource of Lonicerae Japonicae Flos Page:1890—1895
29. Experimental Study of Optimized Compatibility Component of Water Extractives of Liqi Huoxue Medicinals by Uniform Designed Method Page:1882—1889
30. Rapid Identification of Traditional Chinese Medicine Using Electronic Nose Based on RBF-RF Cascade Classifier Page:1876—1881
31. Study on Extraction of cpDNA from Endangered Medicinal Plant of Gentiana straminea Maxim . and Gentiana crassicaulis Duthie ex Burk Page:1871—1875
32. Quality Evaluation of Traditional Chinese Medicine by 1H-NMR-based Metabolomics Page:1862—1870
33. Research on Structured Approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine Symptom Information Page:2015—2019
34. Correlation Research on Elements of Different Traditional Chinese Medicine Syndrome after Ischemic Stroke Page:2009—2014
35. Effects of Vertebral Basilar Artery Bloodstream about CSA Treated by Small Needle Knife Combining with Massage Manipulation in Clinical Practice Page:1992—1996
36. Ethics Investigation and Analysis on Clinical Trials of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Ischemic Stroke Treatment Page:1989—1991
37. Evaluation of Estrogenic Effects ofCoicis Semen Aqueous Extracts Page:1974—1979
38. Study on Immunomodulatory Effect of Chemical Split Fractions ofMori Cortex Page:1968—1973
39. Study on Antitussive, Expectorant and Antiasthmatic Effect of Aqueous Extracts and Chemical Split Fractions ofMori Cortex Page:1951—1956
40. Study on Diuretic Effect ofMori Cortex Aqueous Extracts and Chemical Split Fractions Page:1946—1950
41. Experimental Research Progress on Therapeutic Principle of Replenishing Qi, Nourishing Yin and Activating Blood Circulation in Diabetic Nephropathy Treatment Page:1927—1931
42. Research on Composition of Mongolian Betel Shi-San-Wei Ingredients Pill (Gao-You-13) Page:1916—1921
43. Bitterness-masking Effects of Neotame on Five Bitter Chinese Herbal Ingredients Page:1904—1907
44. Analysis on Anti-platelet Aggregation Effectors from Gardenia Jasminoides Extract with Employment of Platelet Affinity Extraction Method Coupled with HPLC Page:1891—1895
45. Schisandra Related Patent Development and Landscape Analysis Page:1885—1890
46. "Current Situation and Thinking on ""Odor and Taste"" Identification of Traditional Chinese Medicine" Page:1876—1879
47. R-value Comprehensive Evaluation Method for Efficacy of Tiao-Bu Fei-Shen Therapies on Cardiac Remodeling of COPD Rats Page:1870—1875
48. Relationship between Fever and Sweating in Development of Febrile Diseases Page:2031—2033
49. Research on Discovery and Application of Regular Syndrome-Treatment Pattern of Classical Chinese Medicinal Formulae for Emotional Diseases Based on Formal Concept Analysis Page:2025—2030
50. Effects of Different Constitutional Types of Coronary Heart Disease with Blood Stasis Syndrome among Patients with ApoE Gene Polymorphism on Vascular Endothelial Cell Function Page:2020—2024
51. Yin-Dan Xin-Nao-Tong Capsule Combined with Routine Modern Therapies for Treatment of Type-2 Diabetics Mellitus Complicated with Coronary Heart Disease:A Systematic Review Page:2002—2008
52. Relevance Research between Traditional Chinese Medicine Syndromes and Chemotherapy and Targeted Therapy on Primary Lung Cancer Page:1997—2001
53. Changes in Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment of Liver Cirrhosis after Experimental Techniques Involved Page:1984—1988
54. "Structures and Functions of Pulmonary Collaterals and Pathogenesis Called ""Fei-Re Luo-Yu"" of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis in its Acute Phase" Page:1980—1983
55. Experimental Study on Hypoglycemic Effect ofMori Cortex Aqueous Extracts and Chemical Split Fractions Page:1957—1967
56. Study on Essential Oil in the Seeds ofDescurainia Sophia (L.) Webb ex Prantl by GC-MS Analysis Page:1942—1945
57. Herbal Textual Research on SemenLepidii seu Descurainiae Page:1938—1941
58. Compatibility Rules of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Prevention and Treatment of Scleroderma Based on Data Mining Page:1922—1926
59. Study on Analgesic and Antipyretics Effect of Re-Du-Ning Injection Page:1912—1915
60. Pharmacognostical Study on Castanea Mollissima Blume Shell Page:1908—1911
61. Comparative Study of Different Component Compatibility Extracted from Qi-Xue Bing-Zhi Fang in Hyperlipidaemia Rat Model Page:1896—1903
62. TCM Patents, A Neglected Information Resource for TCM R & D Page:1880—1884
63. Exploration and Discussion on Mechanisms of Different Proportional Compatibility ofBai-Zhu Fu-Ling Decoction Interfering Spleen-QiDeficiency Crohn's Disease by Intestinal Nerve-immune Network Page:2060—2064
64. Study on Anti-inflammatory Effects and Mechanism of Petroleum Ether Extract from Citrullus lanatus Vine Page:2054—2059
65. Application of Xiang-thinking in Formation of Liver Manifestation Theory Page:2050—2053
66. Content Comparison on Quercetin from Different Parts of Penthorum Chinense Pursh. from Sichuan Province Page:2047—2049
67. Study on Key Scientific Problem of Dynamic Evolving Rule of Syndrome of Traditional Chinese Medicine Page:2042—2046
68. Summarization on Experiences of Professor Wang Jusheng in Vitiligo Treatment Page:2038—2041
69. Study on Thoughts and Methods of Personal Health and Clinical Nursing by Professor Luo Lingjie Page:2034—2037
70. Determination of Isogarcinol in Seven Guttiferae Plant Species by HPLC Page:1872—1875
71. Research on Composite Enzyme Assisted Hyperoside Extraction ofAcanthopanax senticosusand Its Process Page:1866—1871
72. HPLC Determination of Five Flavonoids Ingredients in Epimedium Flavonoids Capsule Page:1813—1817
73. Effects of Globeflower Residue Fermentation Extraction on Anti-Candida albicans in vivo and in vitro Page:1953—1958
74. Study on Determination of Main Components in Honey by Near-infrared Spectroscopy Page:1949—1952
75. Rapid Determination of Total Flavonoids in Chrysanthemum of Different Processing Methods by Near Infrared Spectroscopy Page:1943—1948
76. Optimization on Extraction Process Conditions of Lycopene in Tomato Page:1938—1942
77. Discussion on Habitat Processing Method ofIndigo Naturalis Page:1934—1937
78. Study on the Chemical constituents of a Traditional Mogolian Medicine HERBA CLEMATIS Page:1929—1933
79. Study on Chemical Constituents from Petroleum Ether Fraction ofLiparis nervosa Page:1917—1920
80. Tibetan Medicine Nature Theory and Its Implications in Modern Tibetan Medicine Nature Theory Research Page:1911—1916
81. Traditional Chinese Medicine Regulation on Aβ Transporter in Blood-brain Barrier Page:1906—1910
82. Clinical Adverse Reaction Distribution Features ofTripterygium Wilfordiiand Its Preparations:A Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials Page:1899—1905
83. Reviews on Historical Evolution and Modern Research of Rhizoma Pinelliae Fermentata Page:1893—1898
84. Residue Analysis on Heavy Metals in Medicinal Leeches Page:1890—1892
85. Quality Standard ofPing-AnPill Page:1883—1889
86. Genetic Identification of 32 Different Origins and Categories of Commodity Edible Bird’s Nest Page:1876—1882
87. Optimization of MSAP Reaction System forCyathula officinalisKuan and Primers Screening Page:1860—1865
88. Mechanism Study on Nano-Realgar Intervention of TWEAK-NF-κB Signal Pathway through Downregulation of Chemokines in Kidney Expression among MRL/lpr Mice Page:1855—1859
89. Correlation Analysis between Quality ofRheum palmatumL. and Ecological Factors Page:1849—1854
90. Effects ofJian-Zhong-Li-LaoDecoction-mediated Serum on TGF-β1-induced Proliferation of HBZY-1 and Expression of Matrix Metalloproteinases Page:1843—1848
91. Exploitation and Utilization on Potential Function ofPoria cocos Page:1838—1842
92. QSAR Study on Rat Cardiotoxicity of Chemical Component of Chinese Herbs Page:1833—1837
93. Optimization of Extraction Process for Arctiin and Arctigenin inArctium lappaL. Based on Central Composite Design and Response Surface Methodology Page:1828—1832
94. Subchronic Toxicological Assessment of Diosgenin in Kunming Mice Page:1823—1827
95. Preparation of Neochlorogenic Acid Reference Substances by Medium-low-pressure Preparative Chromatography Page:1818—1822
96. Studies on Identification of Bupleurum Cultivated Germplasm Using SSR Molecular Markers Page:1806—1812
97. Effects of Diosgenin on VEGF and AP-1 Expression in Synovial Tissues of CIA Rats Page:1801—1805
98. Effects of Tian-Shu Dripping Pills on Cerebral Blood Circulation among Anesthetized Canine Page:1790—1794
99. Knowledge Discovery In Terms of Sunshine Diagram of Multi-layer Complex Concept Network Express on Urination Formula-syndrome inTreatise on Exogenous Febrile Disease Page:1775—1779
100. Meta-analysis on Effectiveness and Safety of TanshinoneⅡA Sulfonate Sodium Injection in Treatment of Unstable Angina Pectoris Page:1766—1774
101. Discussion on Statistical Pattern Recognition Model Related to Herbal Property and Lipid Components of Chinese Materia Medica Page:1759—1765
102. Optimization of Ethanol Extraction Technology forXiao-Xu-MingDecoction by Orthogonal Design with Multi-target Page:1795—1800
103. Exploration and Utilization of Potential Functions of Mori Cortex Page:1780—1784
104. Chemical Characteristics and Chemical Science of Chinese Materia Medica Page:1753—1758
105. Dynamic Changes of Chlorogenic Acid and Luteoloside from Donghai County of Honeysuckle at Different Blossoming Stages Page:1975—1979
106. Research on Absorption of Sinomenine in Caulis Sinomenii by Different Types of Macroporous Resin Page:1971—1974