Volume: Issue: 8

1. Current Situation on Sleep Disorders in Menopausal Women Page:1741—1746
2. Merchant Capital Influence on Market Price of Chinese Genuine Regional Herbs Page:1843—1846
3. Optimization of Extraction Technology of Traditional Chinese Medicine Biminkang Based on Colligation Score Page:1837—1842
4. Study on Extraction Techniques of Compound Rhubarb Enema by Multi-index Comprehensive Evaluation Page:1825—1830
5. "Discussion on Theoretical Connotation of ""Spleen Taking Charge of Energy of Long Summer"" in Traditional Chinese Medicine" Page:1815—1820
6. Analysis on Effect of Free-frying Granules of Traditional Chinese Medicine on Treatment of Chronic Prostatitis Page:1805—1810
7. Study on Multicomponent In Vivo Releasing Rules of Zuojin Gastric Floating Sustained-release Tablet Page:1796—1800
8. Survey on Secondary Research of Traditional Chinese Medicine Patent Literatures Page:1780—1782
9. Influence of Medical Insurance on Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Countermeasure Analysis Page:1776—1779
10. Predictive Study on Pharmacological Effects of Herbal Medicine based on Support Vector Machine Page:1766—1770
11. Study on Prescription Characteristics of Chinese Patent Medicines for Antitussive Effect Page:1759—1765
12. Effect of Brazilein on Relaxation of Vascular Smooth Muscle of Rat Page:1751—1758
13. Research Progress on Understanding Relationship between Neuropeptides and Irritable Bowel Syndrome Page:1747—1750
14. Animal Models of Coronary Heart Disease Page:1735—1740
15. Research on Model of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Combined with ;Pulmonary Interstitial Fibrosis and Its Evaluating Indicators Page:1700—1705
16. Effect of Qiju Runmu Tie on Experimental Dry Eye Syndrome in Rats Page:1695—1699
17. Protective Effects of Metformin and Rosiglitazone on Cardiac Dysfunction in Experimental Diabetic Cardiomyopathy Model Rats Page:1688—1694
18. Neuronal Protective Effect and Mechanism of Catalpol on Acute and Subacute Phase after Cerebral Ischemia Page:1682—1687
19. Influence of Catalpol on Real-Time Gait Analysis of Cerebral Ischemia in Rats Page:1676—1681
20. One Network Resource Sharing Architecture of Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry Page:1853—1859
21. Exploration and Analysis on Conversion Model of Chinese Medicine Scientific Achievements into Standards Page:1850—1852
22. Pathway for Transformation of Scientific Research Achievement on Traditional Chinese Medicine into Standard Page:1847—1849
23. Research on Pretreatment Method of Styrene Type Macroporous Resin and Its Application on Separation and Purification of Traditional Chinese Medicine Page:1831—1836
24. "Relationship between Yin And Yang from The Viewpoint of ""Conscious Spirit"" And""Primordial Spirit"" Is ""Up"" and ""Down"" Relationship" Page:1821—1824
25. "Thoughts on Classification and Standardization of Traditional Chinese Medicine Symptom Terminology Related to ""Sweat""" Page:1811—1814
26. Content Determination of Three Ginsenosides in Shengmai Ultra-micro Powder Page:1801—1804
27. Effects of Different Production Techniques of Shuxue Tongmai Capsules on Mouse Blood Coagulation Function and Thrombosis Formation Page:1792—1795
28. Effect of Curing-injury Cataplasma on Analgesia and Expression of Nav1 . 7 in Model Rats with Formaldehyde-induced Inflammatory Pain Page:1787—1791
29. Research Progress on Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment of Dilated Cardiomyopathy Page:1783—1786
30. Involvement of Caspase-dependent Mitochondrial Pathway in CORM-2 Induced Apoptosis in Neuronal Cells and Mechanism of Intervention Effect of Xingnaojing Injection Page:1725—1734
31. Study on Acute Toxicity and Effect of Aconite Roots Based on Disease/Syndrome Page:1721—1724
32. Effect of Kun-Bao-Wan on Sleep Disorders in Ovariectomized Mice Page:1717—1720
33. Study on Sedative and Hypnotic Effects of Different Eluents of Shuangxiatang Page:1713—1716
34. Research on Protective Effects and Mechanism of Resveratrol on Endothelial Cells Page:1819—1823
35. Pharmacological Effect of EPF on Biomechanical Properties among Ovariectomized Rats Page:1814—1818
36. Study on XML based Data Collection Planning of Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinical Medicine Page:1805—1808
37. Clinical Experiences of Professor Zhang Qi in Treatment of Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection Page:1802—1804
38. Observation on Clinical Effect of Acupuncture with Warm Acupuncture on Female T2DM Patients of Dual Deficiency of Yin and Yang Syndrome Page:1796—1801
39. Analysis on Patents of Chinese Herb Both at Home and Abroad in 2010 Based on Derwent World Patents Index Page:1715—1718
40. Optimization of Ultrasonic Extraction of Asperosaponin VI from Dipsaci Radix by Response Surface Methodology Page:1777—1783
41. Determination of Macroporous Resin Residues in Ginkgo Leaf Tablets by Headspace Capillary Gas Chromatography Page:1772—1776
42. Study on Pharmacokinetics of Mussaenoside in Rats Page:1754—1759
43. Determination of Content and Related Substances of Piperaquine in Artemisinin and Piperaquine Tablets by HPLC Page:1747—1753
44. Identification of Pinelliae Rhizoma and Its Adulterants Based On ITS2 Sequence Page:1725—1729
45. Identification of Polygalae Radix and Its Adulterants by psbA-trnH Sequence Page:1719—1724
46. Traditional Medicines Patent Information Analysis on Antidepressant Page:1703—1707
47. Screening Technology for Traditional Chinese Medicine New Drug and Practice Page:1696—1702
48. Correlation Study on Microstructure and Stability of Cream Based on Changes in Compound Proportion of Mixed Emulsifiers Page:1688—1695
49. Analysis on Processing Methods of Dioscorea opposita Thunb. from the Aspect of Formula Page:1866—1868
50. Study on Methodology of Chinese Medicated Diet Page:1862—1865
51. Dynamic Determination of Active Ingredients in Introduced Echinacea purpurea Page:1858—1861
52. Determination of Total Saponins in Jiu-Bi-Ying Yi-Xin Tablet with Ultraviolet Spectrophotometry Page:1855—1857
53. A Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials for Clinical Efficacy and OS on Xi-Pa-Yi Mouth Rinse for Simple Gingivitis Page:1850—1854
54. Study on Preventing Efficacy of Combined Using of Three Classical Tibetan Prescriptions in Focal Cerebral Ischemia Injury of Rats Page:1846—1849
55. Research Progress on DNA Molecular Identification of Plants in the Genus Chrysanthemum Page:1840—1845
56. Comparison of Several Methods and Their Progresses on Molecular Authentication of Lonicera japonica Thunb Page:1831—1839
57. Protective Effect of Astragalus on Bones of Vitamin D Deficiency Rats Page:1827—1830
58. Electro-acupuncture Treatment on 203 Cases for T2MD with Obesity Page:1809—1813
59. Content Determination of Six Types of Heavy Metals in Pian-Zai-Huang Gan-Bao Tablets by ICP-MS Page:1789—1795
60. Study on Serum Pharmacochemistry of Ke-Luo-Xin Capsule Page:1784—1788
61. Simultaneous HPLC Determination of Hesperidin, Magnolol, Honokiol and Liquiritin in Soft Capsule Jia-Wei Huo-Xiang Zheng-Qi Page:1768—1771
62. Analysis and Comparison on Essential Oil of Rhizome Atractylodes Before and After Processing Page:1760—1767
63. Rapid Identification of Chemical Composition in Aloe Barbadensis Mill by Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry-Ion Trap-Time-of-Flight Page:1735—1746
64. Identification of Psammosilene Radix and Its Adulterants by ITS2 Sequence Page:1730—1734
65. Patent Information Analysis on Traditional Medicines Alcoholism Page:1708—1714
66. "Conceptual Change:""Exploring Object, Changing Recognition"", Guiding Theory, Teaching and Thinking Reform---Series of Studies on the Modern Basic Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Part 2-Ⅲ)" Page:1678—1687
67. Integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine Information Resources Based on Distributed Technology Page:1739—1742
68. Treatment Progress in Post-stroke Depression Page:1734—1738
69. Traditional Chinese Medicine Study and Relevant Development on Mild Cognitive Impairment Page:1729—1733
70. Research Progress on Lower Back Pain and Spinal Stability Theory Page:1715—1720
71. Effect of External Method of Tonifying Kidney and Promoting Blood Circulation to Endometrial Morphology of Rats with Kidney Deficiency and Blood Stasis Model during Implantation Window Page:1700—1706
72. Mechanism of Baicalin on High Altitude Cerebral Hypoxia-ischemia on Mice Page:1693—1699
73. Mechanisms ofJia-ShenPrescription on AngⅡ Inhibition and Ventricular Remodeling in Myocardial Infarction Rat Model Page:1686—1692
74. Effect of ModifiedYin-Chen-HaoDecoction on Expression of AQP8 mRNA and Protein in Rats with Estrogen-induced Cholestasis Page:1673—1678
75. Experience Analysis on National Traditional Chinese Medicine MasterBan XiuwenTreatment of FemaleYin-Wei Page:1669—1672
76. Experimental Research Progress on Action Mechanism ofTuo-Fa in Traditional Chinese Medicine Surgery Page:1646—1649
77. Qi-deficiency Identification Means and Methods with NIRS Technique Application in SaO2 Acquisition and Relevant Information Quantification Page:1628—1633
78. Modernization Process on Chinese Herbs from Perspective of Systemic Theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine Page:1623—1627
79. Large Sample Multicenter Study on Syndrome Differentiation Standard of Premenstrual Syndrome with Liver-qiInvasion Pattern Page:1602—1607
80. Exploration on Development Status and Trend of Clinical Research Data in Chinese Medicine Page:1743—1747
81. Research Progress on Animal Modeling Methods and Model Evaluation of Spleen-yang Deficiency Page:1721—1728
82. Preliminary Methodology Exploration of TCM Syndrome Regulation Laws Research Based on TCM Constitution Page:1711—1714
83. Clinical Observation on Effect ofSai-ErFormula in Treatment of Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo Page:1707—1710
84. Research on GPs Inhibition of miRNA-122 Expression and Lipid-lowering Effect Via Regulation of Lipid Metabolism Enzyme Activity Page:1679—1685
85. Clinical Study onTong-Bu San-ShengDecoction for Short-term Outcome and Progression-free Survival for Advanced Lung Squamous Carcinoma Patients Received Chemotherapy Page:1664—1668
86. Thinking on Physique and Physical Evaluation in Rehabilitation Medicine Page:1617—1622
87. Effect ofFeng-Shi-NingCapsule on Balance of Peripheral Blood Th17/Treg Cells and Local Inflammatory Media of Rats with Rheumatoid Arthritis Page:1656—1663
88. Effect on Cytokines by Arthroscopy Combined with Reinforcing Kidney and Activating Blood Method in Treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis Page:1650—1655
89. Protection Mechanism ofZi-Bu Pi-Yin Recipe on Cortex Mitochondrial Dysfunction of Diabetes-associated Cognitive Dysfunction Rats Page:1639—1645
90. Research Overview and Question Discussion on International Clinical Phenotype Ontology Page:1634—1638
91. Research on Construction Methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Maintenance Page:1612—1616
92. Personnel Training Model Exploration on National Foreign Aid of Traditional Medicine Page:1608—1611
93. Data Mining of Factors Associated with Sleep Quality of Anger-out and Anger-in Population Based on FP-Tree Growing Algorithm Page:1595—1601
94. "Research on ""Kidney-liver-brain"" Axis and Acupuncture on Du Meridian for Stroke Treatment" Page:1824—1826