Volume: Issue: 7

1. Correlation Analysis of Syndromes and Symptoms of TCM AECOPD Based on Clinical Research Information Sharing System Page:1596—1599
2. Uncertainty of Syndrome-attribution Determination among Animal Models Based on Symptoms Differentiation and Drug Reduction Page:1670—1675
3. Logic Problem Analysis on Determination of Syndrome-attribution in A Variety of Animal Model Establishment Methods Page:1665—1669
4. Advantages, Disadvantages and Sticking Points of Traditional Chinese Medicine Animal Syndrome Models And Disease-syndrome Combination Models Page:1656—1664
5. Ideas and Methods of Mahuang Decoction Combined Prescription in Syndrome Differentiation and Treatment of Diseases Page:1652—1655
6. Discussion on Clotting Mechanism of Interstitial Pulmonary Fibrosis Page:1649—1651
7. Optimization on Microwave Extraction Crafts for Polysaccharide from Radix Platycodonis Based on Orthogonal Test Page:1644—1648
8. Optimization on Preparation Techniques of Wuji Gastric Floating Sustained-release Tablets by Multicomponent Indicator Page:1638—1643
9. Overview of Antitumor Effects and Mechanism of Ginsenoside Rb1, Rg3, Rh2 Page:1634—1637
10. Research Progress on Heart System Sub-health Status of Traditional Chinese Medicine Page:1630—1633
11. Progress in Phospholipase A2 and Its Relevant Chinese Materia Medica Page:1620—1629
12. TCM Bushen Shugan Herbs Combined with Clomiphene Citrate Therapy of Promoting Small Follicular Development Page:1616—1619
13. Clinical Observation on Effect of Pingai Mixture in the Treatment of 41 HIV/AIDS Patients Page:1611—1615
14. Effects of Herbal Pair of Semen Ziziphi Spinosae and Albizia Julibrissin Flower on Cognitive Function and Serum BDNF among Depression Patients Page:1604—1607
15. Investigation and Comparison on Traditional Chinese Medicine Terminology Standards Page:1592—1595
16. Study on Questionnaire Survey of Diagnosis and Treatment Procedure of Traditional Chinese Medicine for HIV/AIDS Headache Page:1587—1591
17. Exploration of Interaction between Aconite and Ginseng, Astragalus, Dried Ginger Based on Factorial Design Page:1581—1586
18. HPLC Determination of Three Kinds of Flavonoids Content in Flowers of Dimocarpus Longan Lour Page:1576—1580
19. Study on Formulation Quality Forecast of Sustained Release Preparation Based on BP Neural Network Page:1569—1575
20. Effect of Baishile Capsule on Behavior and Expression of Hippocampal Synaptophysin in Chronic Stress and Depression Model Rats Page:1562—1568
21. Identification Characters of Leaflet Morphological-venation Pattern of Dimocarpus Longan with Its Confused Herb Litchi Chinensis Page:1557—1561
22. Experimental Studies on Hemostatic Effect and Hemostatic Mechanism of Water Decoction of Blumea Megacephala (Randeria) Chang et Tseng Page:1552—1556
23. Study on Medication Patterns of Chinese Patent Medicine among 195 Breast Hyperplasia Cases Page:1544—1551
24. Rapid Identification of Two Groups of Chinese Medicinals from Fossil Using Near-infrared Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy Method Page:1538—1543
25. Study on Application of Electronic Tongue in the Evaluation of Taste-masking Effect of Pharmaceutical Formulation Page:1532—1537
26. Comparative Studies on Antioxidant Activities of Green Tea and Four Tree-type Non-Camellia Teas Page:1526—1531
27. Systems Biology---New Approach for Study on Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease with Traditional Chinese Medicine Page:1521—1525
28. MicroRNA-mediated Tumor Multidrug Resistance and Function of Traditional Chinese Medicine Page:1515—1520
29. Comparative Study on Naotaifang Containing Serum and Plasma Proteomics (Peptide) by Proteomics Page:1505—1514
30. Effects of Autotoxins Stress on Root Exudates of Panax Ginseng Page:1499—1504
31. Study on Establishment of Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnosis and Treatment of in AIDS Patients with Herpes Zoster by Questionnaires Page:1493—1498
32. Theoretical Discussion of Healthy Atmosphere and Vitality Injured by AIDS Immunotoxin Page:1675—1677
33. Literature Study on Acupoint Selection Law in Diabetic Gastroparesis Treatment Page:1672—1674
34. Dynamic Study on Soluble Sugar Accumulation and Sucrose Metabolizing Enzyme Activities During Fruit Development of Amomum villosum Lour Page:1497—1504
35. Qualitative Identification of Spatholobus suberectus by Near-infrared Spectroscopy Page:1491—1496
36. Differentiation on Original Plants of Xi-Huang-Cao through DNA Barcodes Page:1487—1490
37. Identification of Original Plants of Guanzhong (Dryopteris Species) by Chloroplast psbA-trnH Intergenic Region Page:1482—1486
38. Profile of the Invention Patents of Paeonia lactiflora Pall Page:1476—1481
39. Exploration on Evaluation System for Traditional Medicine Patent Page:1470—1475
40. Study on T-bet/IFN-γ Signal Transduction Pathway in Aplastic Anemia and Chinese Medicine Study Development Page:1642—1648
41. Study on Intervention of Zi-He-Che on E2, LH, FSH among Perimenopausal Rat Model Page:1637—1641
42. HPLC Fingerprint of Qian Solidaginis Herba Page:1578—1582
43. Regulating Effects of Shen-Xiong Hua-Yu Capsule Preconditioning on Expression Subtype of NOS in Cerebral Ischemia-reperfusion Injury among Rats Page:1552—1557
44. Observation on Therapeutic Effect of Yin-yang Meridian Acupuncture by Reinforcing-reducing with Patient's Respiration on Lower Limb Function among Post-stroke Patients Page:1633—1636
45. Clinical Observation on Chronic Bronchitis (Syndrome of Phlegm Heat in the Lung) Treated with Thesium Chinese Tablets Page:1629—1632
46. Effect on Discornin Tablets of Nuclear Transcription Factor NF-κBp65 in RSC-364 Cells Page:1625—1628
47. Study of Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnostic Aid Platform for Hyperlipemia Based on Adaptive Clustering Algorithm Page:1619—1624
48. Analysis on Plasma Metabolicomics Pathway in Rats with Heart Blood Stasis Syndrome Page:1614—1618
49. Systematic Review on Efficacy for Migraine Treatment by Acupuncture and Flunarizine Page:1608—1613
50. Research on Correlation of TCM Syndromes with Region Factor in The First Year after First Ischemic Stroke Page:1602—1607
51. Observation on Acupuncture Effect Features of Electric Acupuncture on PC7-Daling under Different States Page:1597—1601
52. Research on High-level Framework for Traditional Chinese Medicine Informatics Standards Page:1593—1596
53. Clinical Investigation on Distribution of Syndrome in AECOPD-RW Page:1587—1592
54. Study on Clinical Application of Shanyao during Each Historical Period Page:1574—1577
55. Identification of Main Related Substances in Baicalein Page:1569—1573
56. Study on Anti-hyperuricemia Effect of Geniposide Page:1565—1568
57. Experimental Research on Effect of Strictosamide Injection on Cardiovascular System Page:1558—1564
58. Research on Effective Parts of Xiong-Shao Decoction on Regulating TGF-β/Smad Pathway Page:1547—1551
59. Experimental Study on Rat's Urine of Syndrome Suitable for Small Qing-Long Decoction Page:1542—1546
60. Comparative Analysis of Promoting Effects on NRK-49F Cells Proliferation by Different Sections of Velvet Antler Water Extracts Page:1537—1541
61. Methyl Jasmonate Affects Metabolism and Gene Transcription of Volatile Terpenoids from Amomum villosum Lour Page:1528—1536
62. Overexpression of HMGR and DXR from Amomum villosum Lour . Affects the Biosynthesis of Terpenoids in Tobacco Page:1513—1527
63. Transcriptomic Analysis and Systematic Mining of Genes Involved in Biosynthetic Pathway of Triterpenoid Saponins in Ilex Asprella Page:1505—1512
64. Experience Mode of Marine Medicine Mined by Associate Network of Non-Interactive Literature-based Knowledge Discovery Page:1465—1469
65. Pharmacokinetics and Brain Distribution of Ginkgolides after Administration of Sai-Luo-Tong Page:1458—1464
66. "Correlation Analysis between ""Fei Qi Being Responsible for Administration and Regulation"" Theory and Autonomic Nerve Related Functions" Page:1451—1457
67. """Exploring the Unknown, the Pursuit of New Knowledge"", Improving the Level of Chinese Medicine Academic and the Modern Basic Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine Research---Series of Studies on the Modern Basic Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Part 2-II)" Page:1442—1450
68. Simultaneous Content Determination of Hesperidin and Phillyrin in Bao-He-Wan by HPCE Page:1668—1671
69. Current Situation and Thinking of Assessment Tools for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Page:1664—1667
70. Study on Development of Chemical Constituent, Bioactivity and Extraction Technology of Poria cocos Page:1655—1663
71. Study Progress in Apolipoprotein A-I's Gene Polymorphism and Its Relationship with Reverse Cholesterol Transport Page:1649—1654
72. Study on Qi-supplementing and Mind-tranquilizing Efficacy ofLing-Qi-JiaOral Solution on Heart-spleen Deficiency Mouse Page:1361—1366
73. Proifling on Invention Patents ofXi-Xinin China Page:1355—1360
74. Development Analysis ofGinkgo Bilobain the Perspective of Invention Patent Page:1349—1354
75. Research on Information Organization Mode of Chinese Medicine Based on Multidimensional Data Model Page:1336—1340
76. Applicability Study ofLong-GuandMu-LiModel Establishment under Different Dosages and Matching-Thoughts and Methods of Marine Medicine Herb Pairs Based on Game Theory Model Establishment Page:1327—1335
77. A Comparative Study on Quality of Different Populations of Wild Herbs ofPsammosilene tunicoides Page:1584—1588
78. Research on Safety of Hospital Traditional Chinese Medicine Preparations Page:1577—1583
79. Chinese Herbs for Treatment of Myasthenia Gravis:A Meta-analysis of Randomized Control Trials Page:1492—1503
80. Ethical Issues of Privacy Protection Caused by Biobanks Research in Data Context Page:1567—1576
81. Study on X-ray Diffraction Fourier Fingerprint of Mineral Chinese Medicine Actinolitum Page:1562—1566
82. Study on Vacuum Extraction Technology ofSophora Alopecuroides Page:1556—1561
83. Study on Quality Standard of Tibetan MedicineJi-Ni De-Xie Page:1551—1555
84. Species and Use of Current Chinese Minority Medicine Page:1546—1550
85. Cerebral Ischemic Stroke Treatment:A Meta-analysis Page:1537—1545
86. Research Progress of Traditional Chinese Medicine on Blood-brain Barrier Page:1525—1529
87. Study on Antipyresis and Cholagogue Effect ofFructus Gardeniae - Fructus Forsythiae Herb Couple Page:1486—1491
88. Effect of Polyphenols fromRubus suavissirnuS. Lee on Spontaneous Hypertensive Rats Page:1479—1485
89. Effect of Xin-Jiang-Tang Granules on Activity of Hepatic Glycometabolic Key Enzymes and Liver Function in Type 2 Diabetic Rats Page:1473—1478
90. Analysis on Interaction between Human Serum Albumin and Zinc Ions by Circular Dichroism and Isothermal Titration Calorimetry Page:1467—1472
91. Study on Quality ofYuan-Hu Zhi-TongTablet from Different Manufacturers by HPLC Fingerprint Page:1460—1466
92. Optimization of Vacuum Belt Drying Process ofChuan-XiongConcrete by Box-Behnken Design Page:1454—1459
93. Acute Toxicity Study on Intragastric Administration of Different ProcessedRadix Aconiti Lateralis PraeparataProducts to Beagle Dogs Page:1432—1437
94. Study on Purpurin As A G Protein-coupled Receptor-35 Agonist Page:1414—1418
95. Investigation on Active Components inTong-MaiGranules Reflecting Its Effect of Activating Blood Circulation Based on Serum Pharmacochemistry/Serum Pharmacology Page:1398—1404
96. Inhibitory Effects ofQi-Zhu Granules on Early Proteinuria in Diabetic Nephropathy Rats with Syndrome ofQi-yin Deficiency and Phlegm Blocking Collaterals Page:1392—1397
97. Modern Research Ideas and Methods on Efficacy of Chinese Herb Prescriptions Originated from Traditional Chinese Medicine Page:1372—1379
98. Correlation Study between Soothing Liver-qi Stagnation bySi-Ni-San and Effect of Improving Sleep Page:1367—1371
99. Assessment Report of Methodological Quality of Systematic Literature Reviews onTong-Xin-Luo’s Efifcacy and Safety Using the AMSTAR Statement Page:1341—1348
100. Progress ofFu’s Cupping Therapy as New Physical Penetration Technologies for Transdermal Administration Page:1530—1536
101. Forefront, Hot Spots, and Evolution for Science of Chinese Materia Medica Processing--Visualization Analysis of Chinese Materia Medica Processing Based on Knowledge Mapping Page:1514—1524
102. Research Progress on Clinical Application and Pharmacological Mechanism ofAn-Gong Niu-HuangPill in Treatment of Acute Cerebrovascular Diseases Page:1510—1513
103. Advancements in Pharmacological Material Basis and Quality Control of Tibetan MedicineLiu-Wei Mu-XiangPill Page:1504—1509
104. Research on Promotion of Wound Healing by Amputated lumbricus Extract Page:1449—1453
105. Compatibility Analysis ofShenandGuiinShen-Gui-FangFormula Page:1444—1448
106. Study on Induction of Rat Liver Microsomes Cytochrome P450 Enzymes byRe-Du-Ning Injection Page:1438—1443
107. Literature Analysis of Marine Medicine Based on Information Bibliometrics and Associate Network Methods Page:1425—1431
108. Study on Accumulation and Decrease Law of Phenolic Acids in Soil of Cultivation Base ofCoptis chinensis Page:1419—1424
109. Experimental Study on CompoundWeifu in Gout Treatment Page:1409—1413
110. Determination of Geographical Location ofGastrodia ElataUsing NIR Page:1405—1408
111. Effect ofRong-ShuanCapsule on Rodent Tolerance against Cerebral Ischemia, Hypoxia and Cerebral Reserve Capacity Page:1386—1391
112. Study on Effect ofQi-supplementing and Depression-relieving ofJie-Du Tong-LuoCapsule on Post-stroke Depression Rat Model Page:1380—1385
113. Immune Regulation and Therapeutic Observation of Anti-Cough in Children Treated with Pediatric Long-term Cough Decoction Page:1600—1603
114. Study on Evidence Grading System in Evidence-based Clinical Practice Guidelines of Traditional Chinese Medicine Page:1488—1492