Volume: Issue: 5

1. The Short-term Modulation of Scalp Acupuncture on the Cortical Excitability in Patients with Parkinson's Disease: A Pilot Study Page:830—835
2. Effect of Wen-Yang Jie-Du Hua-Yu Granules on TLR4 and NF-кB Expression of Rat Hepatic Failure Model with Intestinal Endotoxemia Page:818—824
3. Clinical Progress of Acupuncture and Rehabilitation Contribute to Post-stroke Dysphagia Page:809—812
4. Expert Survey on Application of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Different Clinical Classifications of Coronary Heart Disease Page:804—808
5. Thinking on Construction of Ethical Review Platform of Chinese Medicine Clinical Trial Page:1147—1149
6. Discussion on Construction of Study and Exploitation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Platform for State Clinical Research Facility of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Hubei) Page:1124—1127
7. Focus on Major Difficult Diseases, Improve Capability of Independent Innovation of Chinese Medicine---National Clincal Research Base (Malignant Tumor) Construction Page:1100—1107
8. Clinical Observation on Therapeutic Effect of Liver Cirrhosis (Mchim Khray Smug porgyas pa) Treated with Tibetan Medicine Page:1009—1014
9. Efficacy Evaluation on Xuetanbing (Cerebral Hemorrhage) Treated with Tibetan Medicine Combined with Western Medicine Page:1005—1008
10. Analysis on Professor Huang Chunlin's Experiences in Herbal Administration for Nephrotic Syndrome Based on Data Mining Page:958—964
11. Clinical Practices on Theory of Spleen-deficiency and Toxin-accumulation in Gastric Cancer by Professor Liu Shenlin Page:932—934
12. Influence of Yiqi Yangyin Huoxue Method on Plasma sTM and sEPCR in Rats with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Page:896—900
13. Discussion on Protocol Design and Implementation of Effect on Live Birth Rate of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Treatment with Acupuncture Combined with Clomiphene Citrate Page:864—867
14. Experiences on Nursing Care of 48 HBV-related Liver Failure Cases with Abdominal Distension Applied with Qi-Tou-Xiao-Gu Therapy Page:856—858
15. Construction of Clinical Trial Technological Platform of Traditional Chinese Medicine Live Disease Page:852—855
16. Discussion on Establishment of Clinical Terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Liver Failure Jaundice Page:843—847
17. Construction and Application of TCM Medical Treatment and Clinical Scientific Research Information Sharing System Based on Hepatitis B-associated Liver Failure (Gan-Wen) Page:838—842
18. Effect of Kidney-tonification, Spleen-invigoration and Detoxification Methods on T lymphocytes Mediated by Peripheral Blood DCs in Chronic HBV Infection Patients Page:825—830
19. Research of ICF Assessment Form in Ethical Review Page:1157—1160
20. Research of Protocol Assessment Form in Ethical Review Page:1150—1156
21. Practical Experiences of Laboratory Platform Construction in the National Clinical Research Base of Traditional Chinese Medicine Page:1132—1135
22. "Clinical Research on Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Have ""Breakthrough""" Page:1128—1131
23. Clinical Observation on Post-stroke Elbow Flexor Spasticity Treated with Massage Page:1029—1031
24. Construction Idea and Method of Standard Research Platform in National Chinese Medicine Clinical Research Base (HuBei) Page:1121—1123
25. "Development of Key Disciplines to Promote the Construction of Research-Oriented Hospital --- Comprehensive Data Analysis on the ""Eleventh Five-Year Program""of the National TCM Clinical Research Base Construction Units" Page:1116—1120
26. "Guidance of Scientific Development Concept, Improvement of Medical and Health Service Efficiency --- Comprehensive Data Analysis on the ""Eleventh Five-Year Program""of the National TCM Clinical Research Base Construction Units" Page:1108—1115
27. Thoughts on Construction of Intellectual Property Protection in National Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinical Research Bases Page:1096—1099
28. Exploring on Source of Fu-Zheng Therapy as Major Traditional Chinese Medicine Cancer Treatment Page:1089—1095
29. "Analysis on Bone Mineral Density and Its Relation to ""Kidney-deficiency, Qi-deficiency and Blood Stasis"" among 392 Cases" Page:1081—1088
30. Clinical Study on Objective Indexes of Phlegm-stasis Syndrome of Coronary Heart Disease Page:1032—1036
31. A Randomized Controlled Trial on Qi-tonifying, Stasis-resolving and Kidney-tonifying Treatment of Lumbar Disc Herniation Page:1074—1080
32. Ambispective Cohort Study on Treatment of Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy with Qi-blood Regulation Method Page:1067—1073
33. Chinese and Modern Medicine Progress in the Mechanism Study of Restenosis after Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Page:1061—1066
34. Curative Effect Observation on Yixin Tongmai Decoction in Prevention and Treatment of Restenosis after Coronary Stenting of Diabetes Mellitus Complicated with Coronary Heart Disease Cases Page:1056—1060
35. Clinical Research on Efficacy of Bushen Huoxue Kaiqiao Prescription in the Treatment of 30 Diabetes-induced Vascular Mild Cognitive Impairment Cases Page:1051—1055
36. Study on Inheritance Methods of Academic Experiences of Famous Veteran Doctor of TCM Professor Huang Yongsheng Page:1047—1050
37. Thought and Method of Clinical Therapeutic Evaluation System Constructing of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Coronary Heart Disease Page:1037—1040
38. Research on Medication Principles of Stroke based on Modern Medical Records Page:1023—1028
39. Thoughts on Clinical Trial Significance and Ideas of Tibetan Medicine Page:1019—1022
40. Discussion on Necessity of Regulating and Nourishing Spleen and Kidney on Stage 4 of Chronic Kidney Disease Page:987—989
41. Research Idea and Mode Exploration for Translational Medicine with Chinese Medicine Characteristics Page:982—986
42. Discussion on Integration of Chinese Medicine Therapy on Chronic Renal Failure Page:990—993
43. Renoprotective Effect of Yi-Shui Sheng-Xin Yin on Mechanism among Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats Page:975—981
44. Analysis on Medical Records of Huang Chunlin for Characteristics of Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment by Data Mining Method Page:969—974
45. Professor Huang Chunlin's TCM Medication Experiences for Five Clinical Types of IgA Nephropathy Page:965—968
46. Discussion on Professor Huang Chunlin's TCM Medication Experiences for Patients with Hypoalbuminemia in Refractory Nephrotic Syndrome Page:952—957
47. Research Thinking of Colon Therapy in the Management of Chronic Kidney Disease with Traditional Chinese Medicine Based on the Theory of Gut-kidney Axis Page:947—951
48. Metabolic Network Construction and Feature Analysis of Hypertension with Syndrome of Ascendant Hyperactivity of Liver Yang Page:942—946
49. Study on Effects of Pingan Prescription on Frontal Cortex of SHR with 1H-NMR-based Metabolic Technology Page:935—941
50. Core Drugs and Compatibility Analysis of Ulcerative Colitis Based on Data Mining Page:926—931
51. Discussion on Cell Apoptosis and Its Related Molecular Mechanisms of Human Gastric Carcinoma Cell Line BGC-823 Induced by Cinnamaldehyde Page:920—925
52. Effects of Aconite Alkaloids on Apoptosis and Cell Cycle of Human Gastric Cancer Cell Line SGC-7901 Page:915—919
53. Research on 4 116 TCM Prescriptions in Treatment of Gastric Cancer with Method of Scale-free Networks Page:910—914
54. "Study on Chinese Medicine ""Disease-Syndrome-Herb"" Association Analysis Method Based on Clinical Medical Research Information Sharing System" Page:905—909
55. Some Thoughts on Present Clinical Research of HIV/AIDS Page:901—904
56. Effect of Danzhi Jiangtang Capsule on NF-κB and Urinary Albumin Excretion Rate in Early Diabetic Nephropathy Patients Page:891—895
57. Effect of Danzhi Jiangtang Capsule Combined with Atorvastatin on Intima-media Thickness in Diabetes Patients without Hypertension Page:884—890
58. Preliminary Summary of Operation Mode of Fighting Against AIDS in Xinjiang Region Page:881—883
59. Observation on Clinical Effect of Ping-Ai Granule I Treatment among 107 HIV/AIDS Infection Cases Page:877—880
60. Analysis on Epidemic Febrile Disease Theory in AIDS Treatment Combined with Tuberculosis Page:872—876
61. Current Situation and Prospect of HIV/AIDS Research on Prevention and Treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine Page:868—871
62. Research on Traditional Chinese Medicine Syndrome and Treatment Rules of Literature Information Data Based on Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Page:859—863
63. Syndrome Differentiation Rules and Medication Frequency Analysis of Bulging Disease Cases in Ming and Qing Dynasties Page:831—837
64. Comparison on Dendritic Cells Function of Yang-Huang and Yin-Huang Syndrome in HBV Related Hepatic Failure Patients Page:813—817
65. Thinking and Practice of Cultural Construction in Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Page:1143—1146
66. Exploration on Research Type Clinic Mode Construction Page:1140—1142
67. Optimization of Extraction Process of Resveratrol from Polygonum Cuspidatum Based on Central Composite Design and Response Surface Method Page:1193—1200
68. Effect of Gui-Zhi Fu-Ling Wan on HIF-1α and VEGF in Patients with Endometriosis Page:1178—1181
69. Effect of Bu-Shen Huo-Xue Tong-Lin Formula on Caspase-3 in Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Rats Page:1162—1166
70. Influence on Migration of Vascular Endothelial Cells by Couplet Medicines of Reinforcing Qi and Activating Blood Page:1147—1152
71. Optimization of Extraction Technology of Wei-Kang Capsule by Orthogonal Test Page:1188—1192
72. Optimization of Preparation Process for 5, 7, 3', 4'-O-tetramethylquercetin Page:1182—1187
73. Effect of Miao Nationality Herbs Spray for Serum SOD, MDA and Expression of Fas-mRNA and Caspase-3 mRNA in Lung Tissues of Silica-treated Rats Page:1172—1177
74. Design and Application of Computer-assisted Distal Radial Anatomic Splint Page:1167—1171
75. Influence on Main Symptoms of Qing-Fei Pei-Yuan Wei-Wan for 141 Pulmonary Infection HIV/AIDS Cases with the Syndrome of Phlegm-heat Obstructing the Lung Page:1141—1146
76. Research on Relationship between Bronchioloalveolar Carcinoma Syndromes and Metastasis by Thoracoscopic Techniques Page:1128—1132
77. Study on Intervention Effect of Sang-Ji Mixture in TLR-4 Expression on Peripheral Blood Monocytes in Hypertensive Patients with Overabundant Liver-fire and Phlegm Syndrome Page:1103—1107
78. Effect of Bu-Shen Yi-Sui Sheng-Xue Method for Medicated Serum of Rats with Aplastic Anemia on Mechanism of Proliferation and Differentiation of Hematopoietic Progenitor Cells Page:1090—1096
79. Preventive Effect of Jie-Gu-Tang on Osteoporosis Model Using Zebrafish Induced by Prednisolone Page:1085—1089
80. Simultaneous Determination of Naringin, Hesperidin and Atractylodin in Yun-Pi Powder Extract by HPLC Page:1020—1024
81. Effect of Compound Shi-Chang-Pu Granula on Behavior, Structure of Hippocampus in Epileptic Mice Induced by Pentylenetetrazol Page:1014—1019
82. Effect of Bie-Jia-Jian Pill on Blood Lipids, Endothelial Function and MMP-9 of Diabetes Rat Model with Atherosclerosis Page:1010—1013
83. Patent Information Analysis on Anti-influenza Traditional Medicine Page:989—996
84. Study on General Reproductive Toxicity of Oral Administration of Pineapple Leaves Extract in Mice Page:966—971
85. Effects of Bai-Zhu Fu-Ling Decoction in Different Proportioning on VIP and Its Receptor in Crohn's Disease Rats with Spleen Deficiency Syndrome Page:1122—1127
86. Clinical Research on Treatment of Climacteric Syndrome by Combination of Yi-Shen Yang-Xin Shu-Gan Decoction and Acupuncture Therapy Page:1117—1121
87. Orthogonal Compatibility of Icariin, Psoralen, Oleanolic Acid, Stilbene Glucoside on Regulation of Bmp2, Smad1, and Smad 4 Induced Osteogenic Differentiation of BMSCs Page:1108—1116
88. Mechanism of Bu-Shen Kang-Shuai Tablet on Oxidative Stress in Atherosclerosis Page:1097—1102
89. "Study on Congenital Constitution Terms Consist of ""Bing"" Before Qing Dynasty" Page:1079—1084
90. Research Progress in Chemical Constituents of Qi-Gui-Yin Compound Page:1071—1078
91. Macrophage Polarization and Its Role in Development of Atherosclerosis Page:1065—1070
92. Determination of Three Xanthone Glycosides in Gentianella Acuta by HPLC Page:1060—1064
93. Simultaneous Determination of Three Flavonol Glycosides in the Stems and Leaves of Tribulus terrestris L . by HPLC Page:1055—1059
94. Study on Anti-diabetic Effect of Traditional South African Herb Sutherlandia Aqueous Extract Page:1048—1054
95. Effect of Gymnema Sylvestre on Protein Kinase B in Adipose Tissues of Insulin Resistance Mice Page:1042—1047
96. Effect of Tang-Nai-Kang on Trans-differentiation of Renal Tubular Epithelial Cell in KKAy Mice Page:1035—1041
97. Research Progress on Chemical Components and Mechanism of Guava Leaf in Type 2 Diabetes Treatment Page:1029—1034
98. Effect of Cerebrospinal Fluid with Drug-containing Modified San-Jia-San Decoction on IL-1α, IL-1βand IL-6 of Hippocampal Neurons Model Injury Induced by Aβ25-35 Page:1005—1009
99. Patent Information Analysis on Traditional Medicines Health Care Page:983—988
100. TCM Patent Resource in the Knowledge Economy Era Page:978—982
101. Study on Quality Control of New Medicinal Resources of Pineapple Leave Page:972—977
102. Optimization of Near Infrared Variable Selection Method Based on Multivariate Detection Limit Page:960—965
103. Chinese Medicine Theory--Series of Studies on The Modern Basic Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Part2-I) Page:947—959
104. Administration Status Quo Analysis of Implementing Approval Document of Decoction Pieces and Extracts of Chinese Medicine Page:940—946
105. Experimental Study on Anti-inflammatory, Diuretic Effect and Acute Toxicity of Herb of Lanceolate Sedge Page:1201—1204
106. Analysis on Influence of Specific Clinical Function of Dioscorea opposita Thunb. from the Viewpoint of Prescription Page:1205—1208
107. Study on Antibacterial Activity and Immunomodulation Effect ofRe-Du-Ning Injection Page:1056—1060
108. Research on Treatment of Diacritic Peripheral Neuritis byErdun-wurile Page:1047—1050
109. Exploration and Utilization on Potential Function ofRehmannia Glutinosa Page:1036—1041
110. Research on Quality Standards of Granati Pericarpium and Granati Semen Page:1007—1011
111. Correlation Study on Iron Content, Yield and Quality ofCornus ofifcinalis Page:1022—1024
112. Comparative Study on Determination of Astragaloside, AstragalosideⅠ, AstragalosideⅡ and AstragalosideⅢ in Mongolia Radix Astragali from Various Habitats Page:1016—1021
113. HPLC Simultaneous Determination of Vitexin and Isovitexin inMelastoma Dodecandrum Page:1012—1015
114. Study and Comparison on HPLC Fingerprint ofPhyllanthus Urinaria Linn andPhyllanthus Amarus Linn Page:990—993
115. Effect ofIllicium verum Water Extract on Excess-cold Syndrome in Rats Page:971—975
116. Pharmacological Evaluation on Different Active Fractions ofYao-Tong-Ning Capsule Based on Cell Models Page:963—970
117. Research Development on Anticancer Mechanisms of Abrin Page:945—949
118. Advances in Proliferation Model of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells and Inhibitory Effects and Mechanisms of Chinese Herbal Medicine Page:939—944
119. “Metal Family”Analysis Based on Family Resemblance Theory Page:934—938
120. Study on Interaction betweenYan-Hu-Ning and Bovine Serum Albumin by Spectrometry Page:1113—1118
121. Study on Extraction Conditions of Total Flavonoids from Fruit ofVernonia esculenta Hemsl. Page:1108—1112
122. Study on Seed Protein ofTrichosanthis Fructus from Same Planting Base in Shandong Province Page:1103—1107
123. Stable Quality of Chinese Herbal Pieces and Ensure Clinical Efficacy of Chinese Medicine Page:1100—1102
124. Investigation and Analysis on Potential Functions ofGentiana Macrophylla Page:1031—1035
125. Study on Nephrotoxicity of Aristolochic Acid in Traditional Chinese Medicine Page:1095—1099
126. Investigation on Purification Process of Intermediate Product ofCaulis Sinomenii fromTong-An Injection Page:1090—1094
127. Study on the Preparing and Quality Control for Golden Gel Page:1085—1089
128. Determination of Amino Acids inQihong Maitong Injection through Pre-column Derivatization HPLC Page:1080—1084
129. The Analysis Methodology for Multiple Elements in Four Herbs ofSanjie Zhentong Capsules Page:1073—1079
130. Extraction of Paeoniflorin and Its Derivatives fromGui-Zhi Fu-Ling Capsule Using Molecular Imprinting Technology Page:1051—1055
131. Research Development on Tibetan Medicine Prevention and Treatment of High Altitude Polycythemia Page:1042—1046
132. Study on Dynamic State of Phenolic Acids Contents in Different Parts and Growth Years ofCoptis Chinensis Page:1025—1030
133. Studies on HPLC Fingerprint Difference ofRadix Platycodonis from Different Origins Based on Platycodins Page:1000—1006
134. Quality Evaluation on Liposoluble Components inDanshen Capsule with HPLC Fingerprint Page:994—999
135. Screening on Active Sites and the Best Compatibility of NewYouguiyin Prescription Page:985—989
136. Study on Anti-inflammatory Function of Gold Buckwheat Fermented Tea Page:981—984
137. Comparison on Expectorant and Antitussive Actions ofPlatycodon grandilforum from Different Production Areas Page:976—980
138. The Research Developments of DNA Sequence in Identification of DendrobiumSpecies Page:950—957
139. Data Mining Study and System Design of Traditional Chinese Medicine Based on Strategy Model Page:929—933
140. Study on Modern Scientific Connotation of Bitter Taste Property of Chinese Materia Medica Based on Bitter Taste Receptors Page:923—928
141. Effects on Content Changes of Main Components inGui-Zhi Fu-Ling Capsule on Main Pharmacodynamics Page:1066—1072
142. Study on NO Inhibitory Activity of Total Lactones fromAndrographis paniculata Page:1061—1065
143. Theory and Practice on Construction of TCM Jaundice Thematic Database Page:848—851
144. Organic Combination of Scientific Research and Clinical Practice in the Promotion of Healthy Development of Chinese Medicine Academic Sciences---Task Construction Idea of Standard Research Platform in National Chinese Medicine Clinical Research Base Page:1136—1139
145. Discussion on Application of Four Qu-Shi Methods in Treatment of Ulcerative Colitis Page:1153—1155