Volume: Issue: 4

1. Ethical Issues on Informed Consent in Biobank Research Page:729—734
2. Volatile Constituents from Three Parts of Cucurbita Moschata Duch. (Miben) by Head-Space Solid Phase Micro-Extraction Coupled with GC-MS Page:680—684
3. Comparison Study on Determination of Trace Element Content in Peach Pulp between Wet Digestion Method and Carbonize Acid Dissolution Method Page:799—803
4. Study on Key Theoretical and Technological Issue of Combination Compatibility and Single Determinacy for Administration of Chinese Materia Medica Preparations Page:790—798
5. Policy Research of Preventive Health Service System Building of Chinese Medicine in Guangdong Province Page:787—789
6. Thinking on Several Ethical Problems in the Clinical Research Page:721—724
7. SWOT Analysis of Patent Strategy Implementation in the Manufacturing Industry of Chinese Patent Medicines in Guangdong Province Page:783—786
8. Technical Characteristics of Infantile Massage in the Treatment of 240 Infants with Acute Diarrhea Page:774—779
9. Efficacy Comparison among Three Kinds of Surgical Operation for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Rats Page:764—769
10. Cardiopulmonary Related Index Change of Diffusing the Lung and Promoting Urination on Cor Pulmonale Rats Page:760—763
11. Clinical Observation on Effect of Qinghua Granules on Glycometabolism, Pancreatic Islet Function and Oxidative Stress in Type-2 Diabetics with Heat Syndrome Page:753—759
12. Clinical Observation on Treatment of Chronic Renal Failure Using Shen-Kang Injection Combined with Hemodialysis Page:746—752
13. Some Thoughts on Clinical Efficacy Evaluation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Page:743—745
14. Ethical Investigations and Considerations of Clinical Trials of TCM in Diabetic Nephropathy Management Page:739—742
15. Ethical Review Points of Gene-related Clinical Research Page:735—738
16. Discussion on Special Ethical Issues in Clinical Research of Traditional Chinese Medicine Page:725—728
17. Discussion on Common Issues in Ethical Review of Clinical Research Page:715—720
18. Attach Great Importance to Clinical Research Ethics Platform Construction, and Vigorously Promote China CAP Assessment Page:708—714
19. Ethical Issues Caused by Cultural Differences in Clinical Studies of Chinese Medicine Page:702—707
20. Development of Chinese and Western Ethics and Relevant Ethical Review Construction Page:697—701
21. Exploration of Mongolian Meng-Gen-Wu-Su (Mercury) Processing Method Page:689—696
22. Determination Method of Sulfur Fumigated Traditional Chinese Medicines Page:685—688
23. Application of Multivariate Statistical Analysis in Amino Acids Compositions and Cold-Heat Nature of Traditional Chinese Medicine Page:672—679
24. Study on Quantitation of Bitterness Intensity and Relationship between Bitterness Intensity & Concentration of Bitter Drug Page:667—671
25. Study on Acute Toxicity and Anti-inflammatory Effects of Coffee Residue Extract Page:664—666
26. Blood-enriching Effects of Different Processed Radix Polygoni Multiflori Slices on Blood Deficiency Rats Page:659—663
27. "Application of Metabolomics in ""Disease-syndrome-efficacy"" Integration Research" Page:628—633
28. Pharmacological Meaning of Noun Part in Traditional Chinese Medicine Effect Terminology Page:620—627
29. Bushen-Huoxue-Tonglin Formula on Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia in Rat Model of Ki-67 and Apoptotic Effects Page:653—658
30. Comparison of Inhibitory Activity between Daidzein and Puerarin on LPS Induced NO Production in RAW264 . 7 Cells Page:648—652
31. Metabolomics Study of Traditional Chinese Medicine Page:643—647
32. Construction and Application of Traditional Chinese Medicine Efficacy Concept Network Page:638—642
33. Inquiry into Reasons of Acanthopanax Senticosus Resource Being Damaged from Biological Standpoint and Strategies for Protection Page:634—637
34. Analysis on Influence of Specific Clinical Function of Dioscorea opposita Thunb Page:934—938
35. Initial Exploration of Theory and Method of Function Abstraction of Holographic Traditional Chinese Medicine Page:930—933
36. Discussion on Analysis of Artemisinin and Piperaquine Tablets by Infrared Spectroscopy Page:921—925
37. Review on Research of Compatibility Mechanism of Chemical Ingredients in Prescriptions with Radix et Rhizoma Rhei Page:915—920
38. Recent Advances of Traditional Chinese Medicine for Parkinson's Disease Treatment Page:908—914
39. HPLC Determination of Chlorogenic Acid, Rutin and Kaempferide in Solidago decurrens Lour Page:904—907
40. Research Ideas on Post-marketing Revaluation of Tibetan Medicine with Seventy-flavor Pearl Pill Page:895—899
41. Advances in Extraction Technology of Chinese Herbs Page:890—894
42. Effects of Gui Curcuma Extract on Hepatic Stellate Cell-LX2 Page:780—783
43. Identification of Chemical Component Cantharidin from Chinese Blister Beetle by LC-MS/MS Page:876—882
44. Basic Knowledge and Research Progress on Cantharidin-based Molecules Page:869—875
45. Research on Research Trend of Tripterygium Hypoglaucum based on Bibliometric Method Page:857—864
46. Resources Survey on Rare and Endangered Medicinal Plant Swertia mussotii Franch Page:845—850
47. Resources Survey of Medicinal Plants in Chengkou County of Chongqing Page:839—844
48. Composition Analysis of Ginsenoside from Different Fractions of Ginseng Page:834—838
49. Analysis on Chemotype of Volatile Oil of Mentha crispata Schrad. ex Willd Page:830—833
50. Identification and Content Determination of Phenolic Acids of Rhizosphere Soil of Panax Notoginseng Page:825—829
51. Preparation and Study of Acanthopanax Leaves Total Flavonoids Solid Dispersions In Vitro Page:821—824
52. Content Determination of Resveratrol in Smilax macrophylla Using HPLC Page:817—820
53. Effect on Softening Liver and Reducing Enzyme Mixed Agent in Prevention of CCl4-induced Liver Damage Rats Page:811—816
54. Optimization on Hydrolysis Conditions of Coix Prolamin and Angiotensin-converting Enzyme Inhibitory Activity of Hydrolysates Page:806—810
55. Mechanism Study on Protective Effect of Extracts from Rhizoma Anemones Raddeanae on Hepatic Fibrosis Induced by Porcine Serum in Rats Page:801—805
56. Effect of Phenols of Pineapple Leave on Lipid and Glucose Absorption and Intestinal Lipase Activity after Acute Consumption of Lipid and Glucose Page:796—800
57. Studies on Dynamics of Two Endophytic Bacterial Strains Inside Ginseng and Soil of Root Region Page:790—795
58. Clinical Research on Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis of Cold-dampness Syndromes by Combination of Wen-Jing San-Han Tong-Luo Decoction and Acupuncture Page:784—789
59. Research on Effective Parts of Xiong-Shao Decoction on Protecting Liver, Reducing Enzyme Activity and Oxidative Damage Page:774—779
60. Study on Effect of Regulation to Th1/Th2 in AUC Patients with Chinese Medicine Combined with SASP Enema under Guidance of Synchronous Treatment of Lung and Intestine Page:769—773
61. Clinical Effect Observation and Cost-effectiveness Analysis on Different Operation Types of Ring Mixed Hemorrhoids Treatment Page:762—768
62. Effects of Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment from Lung on mRNA Expression of iNOS in Lung Tissues of Rats with Ulcerative Colitis Page:753—757
63. Study on Apoptosis-Promoting Mechanism of β-elemene in Anti-liver Cancer Page:738—742
64. Establish The Modern Basic Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Part Ⅲ New Discipline:Discipline Regularity, Deepening the Field, the Formation of A Branch, Towards Modern Teaching Page:710—722
65. "Opinions on a New Cross-discipline ""Biological Chemistry of Chinese Herbal Germplasm Resources""" Page:704—709
66. Effective Forms, Additive Effect, and Toxicities Scattering Effect of Pharmacodynamic Substances of TCMs Some Reflections Evoked by the Study on the Metabolic Disposition of Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM) Page:688—703
67. Management Practice for Ethical Review of Clinical Research of Traditional Chinese Medicine Page:683—687
68. Effect of Traditional Chinese Medicine Injections on Allergic Reactions Page:886—889
69. Exploration on Key Link in Process of Methyl Cantharis Amine Tablets of Granulating Page:883—885
70. Study on UHPLC Fingerprints of Psoralea corylifolia L. Page:865—868
71. Dendrobium Resources and Ecological Investigation of Chongqing Page:851—856
72. Discussion on TCM Cognition of Weightlessness and the Pathogenesis of Weightlessness Muscular Atrophy from Theory of Qi Hoisting Page:749—752
73. Treatment of Arteriosclerosis Obliterans with Jie-Du Tong-Mai Decoction and Influence on ABI, CRP, TCPO2 Page:743—748
74. "Experience of Professor Yang Yufei Using ""Tri-Traffic Dredging Liver And Nourishing Kidney Formula""in the Treatment of Breast Cancer with Traditional Chinese Medicine Combined with Western Medicine" Page:734—737
75. Research on Application Model of Clinical Practice Guideline in Traditional Chinese Medicine based on Spontaneous Reporting Network Page:731—733
76. Pharmacological Study on Periplaneta Americana against Alcohol-induced Liver Injury Page:758—761
77. Latent Structure Analysis and Syndrome Differentiation for Integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine (III):Establishment of Classification Rules Page:723—730
78. Optimization on Extraction Technology of Desertliving Cistanche Polysaccharides Page:926—929