Volume: Issue: 2

1. Simultaneous Determination of Four Constituents in Roots and Knotty Rhizome of Glycyrrhiza uralensis by HPLC Page:358—363
2. Content Changes of Chemical Constituents Produced in Fresh Radix Rehmanniae after Processing Page:346—351
3. Ecology Suitability Valuation of Traditional Pediatric Quisqualis indica Page:339—345
4. Identification of Xanthii Fructus and Its Adulterants Based on ITS2 Sequence Page:329—334
5. The Identification of Uygur Medicine Juniperus sabina by DNA Barcode Page:319—324
6. "Traditional Utilization of ""Cai"" - A Kind of Medicinal Plant Resources Used by Li Minority" Page:313—318
7. Using ITS2 Sequence to Identify Descurainiae, Lepidii Semen and Its Adulterants Page:288—294
8. Identification of Gekko geeko Linnaeus and Adulterants Using the COI Barcode Page:269—273
9. A Review on the Application and Approved Projects of National Natural Science Funds in the Research Field of Effective Constituents of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2013 Page:211—215
10. Comparison on Intestinal Absorption of Pectolinarin and Pectolinarigenin by Everted Rat Intestinal Sac Method Page:352—357
11. Identification of Anemone raddeana and Its Adulterants by ITS2 Sequence Page:301—306
12. Comparison and Analysis for the Content of Dendrobine in Dendrobium nobile from Different Seasons and Various Parts Page:335—338
13. Highly Specific DNA Barcoding Primers of ITS2 for Gastrodia elata Page:325—328
14. Identification of Inulae Herba, Inulae Flos and Their Closely Related Species Based on ITS2 Sequence Page:307—312
15. A Rapid SNP-based Identification Method for Distinguishing the Three Origins of Fructus Amomi Page:295—300
16. Molecular Identification of Serpentis Periostracum and Its Adulterants Based on COI Sequence Page:284—287
17. HPLC Characteristics of Ophiocordyceps sinensis Page:279—283
18. Molecular Identification of the Traditional Chinese Medicine of the Deers Using COI Barcode Sequence Page:274—278
19. Molecular Cloning and Characterization of HCT (Hydroxycinnamoyl-CoA:Shikiate/Quinate Hydroxycinnamoyltransferase) Gene in Lonicera japonica Thunb. Page:263—268
20. The Research of Cell-broken Pieces of Traditional Chinese Medicine Page:254—262
21. Influence of Different Fixing Methods on Cardiac Index in C57 Mice of Wild Type andβ-adrenoceptor Knockout Mice Page:249—253
22. Systematic Review on Vertigo Treatment with Tian-Ma Gou-Teng Decoction and Its Modifications Page:239—248
23. Effect Evaluation on Association Rules of Symptoms in TCM Treatment of Viral Pneumonia Page:228—233
24. """Activating Brain and Regaining Consciousness"" Acupuncture Method Combined with Surrounding Needling Acupuncture on Shoulder Joint in Treatment of Periarthritis of Shoulder" Page:225—227
25. Establishment of Modern Basic Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Part Ⅰ New Concept:Theoretical Premise, Reveal Connotation of Concept Towards Modern Science Page:216—224
26. Approach to CDISC SDTM Implementation for Clinical Trials Data Submission Page:301—305
27. Research Progress on ERK Signaling Pathway in Brain Ischemic Tolerance Induced by Traditional Chinese Medicine Page:411—415
28. Research on Digitalization Path and Method of Hospital Medical Records Information Page:389—393
29. Analysis on Medication Experiences of Famous Senior Chinese Medicine Expert Huang Chunlin for Treatment of Chronic Nephritis Based on Data Mining Method Page:382—388
30. A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials on Ban-Xia Hou-Po Decoction for Globus Hystericus Page:377—381
31. Inlfuence of Extreme Environment Changes on IL-6, INF-γ, sIgA and IL-10 Rat Lung Page:367—371
32. Effect ofβ-sitosterol on T47D Cell Proliferation and Cell Cycle and Its Mechanisms Page:362—366
33. Research on Urine Metabolomics of HIV/AIDS Patients with Spleen-lung Qi-deifciency Based on H-NMR Technique Page:356—361
34. Study on Relativity of AGEs, Inlfammatory Factor and Growth Factor in Ulcer-curation Process of Diabetic Feet Promoted by Yin-Huang-San Page:350—355
35. Comparative Study on Cun-Kou Six-pulse Diagram between Chronic Gastritis and Bronchial Asthma Page:343—349
36. Methods of Developing Adaptive Treatment Strategies for Traditional Chinese Medicine Syndrome Differentiation and Treatment Page:324—328
37. Preliminary Study on Targets of Traditional Chinese Medicine Compound in Chronic and Complex Disease Treatment Based on Collaterals Page:319—323
38. Research Progress on Pathophysiology, Prevention and Treatment of Restenosis after Percutaneous Coronary Intervention by Integrative Medicine Page:311—318
39. Basic Research Progress on Electro-Acupuncture Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease Page:405—410
40. Research Progress on Traditional Chinese Medicine Facial Diagnosis Information Acquisition and Recognition Page:400—404
41. Literature Research on Allergic Rhinitis Rat Model Page:372—376
42. Discussion on Improving Purity of Primary Myocardial Cells from Neonatal Rats Page:333—337
43. Study on Clinical Functions of Consensus-based Clinical Practice Guidelines in Traditional Chinese Medicine Page:329—332
44. Validity and Reliability of Health Status Questionnaire under Syndrome Differentiation System Page:306—310