Volume: Issue: 11

1. Optimization of Bio-Solid Bidirectional Fermentation Conditions of Trametes Robiniophia Murr . for Rhubarb Page:2500—2505
2. Screening and Fingerprint Analysis of Active Site to Reduce Blood Lipid from Xin-Mai Capsule Page:2487—2492
3. Effect and Interaction of Total Flavonoids and Saponins from Huang-Qi Ge-Gen Decoction on IL-12 and IL-15 of Liver among Diabetes Rats Page:2475—2479
4. Research Progress of Plant Polyphenols for Improving Cognitive Function Page:2454—2459
5. Research Advances on Triterpenoid Saponins Biosynthesis and Its Key Enzymes Page:2440—2448
6. Research Status of Objective Characteristics of TCM Digitized Tongue Page:2420—2424
7. Clinical Study on Effect of Related Factors of Microalbuminuria in Early Stage of Diabetic Nephropathy Page:2411—2414
8. Analysis of Nucleosides in Different Parts of Cordyceps Sinensis Page:2390—2394
9. Computing Methods for Herb Target Prediction:Technique Discussion and Experimental Analysis Page:2296—2303
10. Discussion on Theoretical Basis of Jian-Shen Li-Shui Formula Page:2516—2520
11. Textual Research of Terminology Processing Page:2512—2515
12. Primary Causes of Difficulties in Application of Microcosmic Syndrome Differentiation Page:2314—2319
13. Simultaneous Determination of Seven Anions and Organic Acids in Huo-Xue Tong-Luo Injection by HPCE Page:2506—2511
14. Second Development Thoughts of Gui-Ling-Ji Based on Development Strategies of Traditional Chinese Medicine Secret Varieties Page:2493—2499
15. Study Development of Liver Depression Syndrome in Breast Cancer Page:2449—2453
16. Resource Investigation for Endangered Wild Ferula sinkiangensis Based on Low Altitude Remote Sensing Page:2480—2486
17. Extracts of Celastrus Orbiculatus Enhance the Invasion Function in Maspin Overexpression Human Gastric Carcinoma MGC803 Cells Page:2470—2474
18. Bioinformatics Analysis on Proteomics of Rat Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells Intervened by Active Principle Region of Yang-Xin Tong-Mai Formula Page:2460—2469
19. Overview of Pectoral Qi Theory and Modern Research Progress Page:2435—2439
20. Research on Effects of Qi-stagnation and Blood-stasis Pattern of Primary Dysmenorrhea Treated by Huo-Xue Li-Qi Zhi-Tong Decoction Combined with Acupuncture Page:2430—2434
21. Traditional Chinese Medicine Pathogenesis and Treatment of Malignant Lymphoma Page:2425—2429
22. Clinical Effects of Shu-lung Post with Different Stimulation Intensities on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease at Stable Stage Page:2415—2419
23. Model Establishment and Coagulation Changes in Rats with Acute Liver Failure Page:2406—2410
24. Research on Mesenchymal Stem Cells Differentiation by Serum from Hepatic Fibrosis Rats by Acupuncture on Acupoint and Connective Tissues in Vitro Page:2400—2405
25. Optimization of Extraction Technology for Total Saponins in Dipsaci Radix by Central Composite Design-Response Surface Methodology Page:2395—2399
26. Study on Identification Method of 7 Kinds of Sulfates Mineral Medicines by Near-infrared Spectroscopy Page:2385—2389
27. Proteome Analysis of Ampelopsis Megalophylla by 2-DE Page:2380—2384
28. The Establishment of NMR Characteristic Fingerprint of Cordyceps Sinensis and Its Identification Study Page:2371—2379
29. Identification of Viticis Fructus and Its Adulterants by ITS2 Sequence Page:2366—2370
30. Identification of “Gonglao Leaf” and Its Sibling Adulterants Based on ITS2 Sequence Page:2361—2365
31. Identification of Grain Sprouts Herbs and Their Adulterants Using ITS2 Barcode Page:2343—2348
32. Identification of Toxic Hyoscyami Semen and Its Adulterants Using DNA Barcoding Page:2337—2342
33. Conservation Status of Shennongjia Traditional Chinese Medicine Resources and Its Sustainable Utilization Strategy Page:2331—2336
34. From Earthworm Research to See How to Make Progress in Dilemma of Traditional Chinese Medicine Resources and Quality Page:2308—2313
35. "Hypothesis Evaluation and Testing:""Scientific Tests, Pre-Mortem and Post-Mortem Evaluation"", Leading Chinese Medicine Hypothesis into the Scientific Hypothesis---Series of Studies on the Modern Basic Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Part 2-Ⅳ)" Page:2286—2295
36. Identification of Belamcandae Rhizoma, Iridis Tectori Rhizoma and Their Adulterants by ITS2 Sequence Page:2355—2360
37. Identification of Bamboo Shavings, Concretio Silicea Bambusae and Their Closely Related Species based on the psbA-trnH Intergenic Region Page:2349—2354
38. Profiling on the Invention Patents of Acanthopanax Senticosus Page:2325—2330
39. A New Graphic Indexing Method of Generic Chemical Structure Page:2320—2324
40. Study on Construction of Traditional Chinese Medicine Literature Database Specification Page:2304—2307
41. Identification of Sulfur Fumigated Chrysanthemi Flos with Electronic Nose Technology Page:2405—2409
42. The Effect of Scutellaria Baicalensis Water Extract on Proliferation, Cytokines mRNA Expressions and Promoter Activity of 3T3-L1 Cells Page:2360—2366
43. Research Method on Content Determination of Strychnine and Brucine in Rat Plasma Page:2341—2348
44. Rapid Determination of Timosaponin B Ⅱ in Anemarrhenae Rhizomaby NIRS with HPLC Page:2306—2311
45. Study on Inspection Method for Limited Quantity of Aconitine and Content Determination Method of Schisandrol in Yi-Shen Xiao-Zhong Pill Page:2296—2299
46. Optimization on Extraction Technology of Shu-Feng Ding-Chuan Granules in Huang-Qin Group by Box-Behnken Response Surface Methodology Page:2290—2295
47. Effects of Different Preparation Methods on Content of Ginsenosides Rg1, Re and Rb1 in Yi-Xin-Shu Tablets by HPLC-ELSD Page:2280—2284
48. Effects on Proliferation Inhibition, Apoptosis and Secretion of Extracellular Matrix Function of Human Hepatic Stellate Cell by Plumbagin Page:2272—2279
49. Simultaneous Determination of Seven Active Components in Guo-Ming-Xing Bi-Yan Granules by HPLC under Multiple UV Wavelengths Page:2252—2259
50. Effect of Radix Bupleuri Extract on 5-HT3R Pathway in Primarily Cultured Rat Hippocampal Neurons Page:2224—2228
51. Metabonomic Study on Fatigue Elimination of Exhaustive Exercise Mouse by Rhodiola Based on UFLC-Q-TOF Page:2209—2214
52. Research Strategy of New Chinese Medicine Based on Four Properties of Traditional Chinese Medicine Page:2197—2201
53. The Distribution and Association Relationships of Marine Chinese Medicine with Different Nature in the Phylogenetic Tree of Marine Organisms Page:2189—2196
54. Research on Adsorption Properties Changes of Mannotriose by Modified Activated Carbon Page:2415—2421
55. Investigation and Analysis on Potential Function of Euodia rutaecarpa Page:2410—2414
56. Study on Suitable Distribution Areas of Kawa Kimichi Produced in Sichuan Province Based on Remote Sensing and GIS—A Case Study of Clematis Armandii Page:2398—2404
57. Modern Research Progress on Guo-Min Decoction Page:2394—2397
58. Research Progress on Chemical Constituents, Pharmacological Effects and In-vivo Metabolism of Gynostemma Pentaphyllum Page:2389—2393
59. Research Progress on Fungi and Mycotoxin Infection of Chinese Medicinal Materials Page:2381—2388
60. Dose-response Relation and Synergy Effects of Bioactive Components in Ginkgo biloba on Antiplatelet Aggregation and DPPH Free Radical Scavenging Page:2367—2372
61. Ursolic Acid Inhibition on Human Hepatic Stellate Cells Proliferation through PDGF-ERK Signaling Pathway Page:2349—2353
62. Effects of Radix Paeoniae Alba Extract on Distribution and Expression of 5-HT3A/3B R in Frontal Lobe of Premenstrual Syndrome Rat Model with Liver-qi Depression Pattern Page:2267—2271
63. Effect of Yang-Xue Qing-Nao Granules on Protein Expression of BDNF and bFGF in CA1 Area of Hippocampus among Vascular Dementia Rats Page:2246—2251
64. Optimization on Extraction Technology of Polysaccharide from Rhizoma Coptidis by Box-Behnken Design-Response Surface Methodology Page:2240—2245
65. Determination on Human Plasma Protein Binding Rate of Ginkgolide A, B and K in Diterpene Ginkgolides Meglumine Injection Page:2235—2239
66. Study on Renal Protection of Gui-Zhi Decoction in Hyperuricemic Mice Page:2215—2223
67. Study on Hydrolyzed Peptides of Red Cubilose and White Cubilose by HPLC-ESI-MS Page:2202—2208
68. Mechanism of the Jian-Pi Sheng-Xue Granules on Rats with Iron-deficiency Anemia Page:2335—2340
69. Dynamic Changes of Ephedrine Hydrochloride, Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride, Amygdalin and Glycyrrhizic Acid in Different Compatibility of San-Ao Decoction Page:2312—2317
70. Discrimination of Pinellia ternata and Its Adulterants Based on Odour Fingerprints Analysis Page:2300—2305
71. Preliminary Study on Influence of Component Content Indexes in Honeysuckle by Thiamethoxam Page:2328—2334