WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Korean Journal of Women Health Nursing> 2012> 18

Volume: 18

1. Relationships among Daily Hassles, Social Support, Entrapment and Mental Health Status by Gender in University Students. Page:223—235
2. Bone Mineral Density and Factors influencing Bone Mineral Density in College Women. Page:190—199
3. Effects of Clinical Practice and Simulation-Based Practice for Obstetrical Nursing. Page:180—189
4. Effects of Oketani Breast Massage on Breast Pain, the Breast Milk pH of Mothers, and the Sucking Speed of Neonates. Page:149—158
5. Meaning of 'Natural Childbirth' and Experiences of Women Giving Birth using Midwifery: A Feminist Approach. Page:135—148
6. Comparison of Obstetric Pain, Anxiety, and Cervical Dilatation between Epidural Analgesia and No Analgesia group during Labor Stage I. Page:126—134
7. Study on the Relationship between Gender-Role Stereotypes, Sexual Assault Awareness and Permissible limit in the College Students. Page:117—125
8. Effect of Sexual Education Program on Female College Student's Sexual Knowledge and Sexual Autonomy. Page:108—116
9. Effects of Self-breast Pumping in Primiparous Women after Cesarean Delivery. Page:98—107
10. Phenomenological Study on Mothering Experiences of the Married Immigrant Women in Urban Areas. Page:85—97
11. A Study on Knowledge, Attitudes, and Need for Sex Education in High School Students. Page:159—169
12. A Study on Protecting Patients' Privacy of Obstetric and Gynecologic Nurses. Page:268—278
13. Content Analysis on Caring Experiences of Mothers of Children with Burns. Page:257—267
14. An Effect of Optimism, Self-esteem and Depression on Laughter Therapy of Menopausal Women. Page:248—256
15. Effects of Knowledge and Recognition of Alcohol Use during Pregnancy on Actual Alcohol Use during Pregnancy. Page:279—289
16. Contraceptive Knowledge and Practice among Married Immigrant Women. Page:290—301
17. Effects of Breast-feeding Adaptation, Attitude and Practice of Primipara Depending on Method of Postpartum Breast-feeding Education. Page:75—84
18. Relationship between Menstruation Distress and Coping Method among 3-shift Hospital Nurses. Page:170—179
19. Factors on the Gap between Predicted Cesarean Section Rate and Real Cesarean Section Rate in Tertiary Hospitals. Page:200—208
20. Effect of Postpartum Outcomes in Mother's Upright Position During the Second Stage of Labor: Systematic Review. Page:209—222
21. Incidence of Osteoporosis and Falls and Predictors of Fracture Risk in Postmenopausal Women. Page:237—247
22. Factors Influencing Attitude to Menstruation in Elementary School Girls according to the Presence of Menarche. Page:302—311
23. Effects of Simulation-based Education on Communication Skill and Clinical Competence in Maternity Nursing Practicum. Page:312—320
24. Analysis on Reports of Qualitative Researches Published in Korean Journal of Women Health Nursing. Page:321—332