Volume: 42 Issue: 6

1. Application of Rectal Prolapse Constipation Balloon in Single Auxiliary Defecation. Page:464—465
2. Barcode Based Full Process Management of High-Cost Consumables for Operating Theatres. Page:460—463
3. Acceptance Test and Image Quality Assurance of MRI Simulator Equipment. Page:455—459
4. Research of Establishing of Standard Radiation Qualities and Radiation Conditions for Use in the Determination and Characteristics of Medical Diagnostic X-ray Equipment. Page:453—454
5. Study on the Photoelectric Performance Indicators of Medical Electronic Endoscope. Page:449—452
6. Study on the Imaging Quality Evaluation of Aspheric Intraocular Lenses. Page:446—448
7. Risk Management to Shanghai Medical Device Registrants. Page:444—445
8. Research on Classifed Punishments on Manufacturers of Unconformity Products in Supervision and Sampling Inspection of Medical Devices. Page:440—443
9. Research Progress of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) Based on Hydrogel Dressings. Page:437—439
10. Research Progress on Artifcial Conduits for Urological Application with Antibacterial Function. Page:434—436
11. Design of Experiment Platform for Noninvasive Ventilator Based on LabVIEW. Page:431—433
12. Design of the Intelligent POCT Network Architecture. Page:428—430
13. Structure Design of the Supporting Device of Proton Radiotherapy Equipment Based on Workbench. Page:424—427
14. CT Rotation Motion Control System. Page:421—423
15. Design and Validation of Remote Radiotherapy System. Page:417—420
16. Simulation Platform of Photoacoustic Imaging Based on Finite Element and -space Pseudospectral Method. Page:413—416
17. Frequency-Selectable RF Ablation Treatment System. Page:409—412
18. Unconstrained Cardiac Output Measurement System Based on Thoracic Electrical Impedance Method. Page:405—408
19. Wearable Device for Non-Invasive Continuously Blood Pressure Monitoring. Page:400—404
20. Application of Static Characteristics of Plantar Pressure Distribution in the Assessment of Knee Joint Injury. Page:395—399
21. Study on Respiratory Rate Monitoring Method Based on Breath Sounds. Page:391—394