Volume: 42 Issue: 5

1. Failure Analysis and Maintenance of PHILPS Color Doppler Machine Hardware and Software. Page:388—390
2. Application of Quality Control Circle in Reducing Incidence of Leakage in Digestive Endoscopy. Page:384—387
3. Study on Degradation of Oxidized Regenerated Cellulose Absorbable Hemostatic Products. Page:380—383
4. Discussion on the Key Aspects of Quality Control for Custom Ocular Prosthesis. Page:378—379
5. Status Analysis and Improvement Suggestions on the Renew Registration of Passive Medical Devices. Page:375—377
6. Analysis of the Electromagnetic Compatibility Standard for Active Implantable Medical Devices Using in the Heart. Page:372—374
7. Single-use Medical Devices Re-processing: Risk Assessment and Quality Control Technologies. Page:368—371
8. Study on the 3,4-Dihydroxyphenylalanine Redox State Characterization Method of Mussel Adhesive Protein. Page:365—367
9. Research on the Standardization System of Diagnosis Products at Home and Abroad. Page:361—364
10. Study on the Disclosure System of the Evaluation and Approval Information of Medical Device Review in Japan. Page:357—360
11. Development and Application of Fiber-optic Pressure Sensor in Medical Field. Page:354—356
12. Progress of Frequency Ablation Technique on Atrial Fibrillation Treatment. Page:350—353
13. Feasibility and Technical Essentials of Developing MRI Helium-free Superconducting Magnets. Page:345—349
14. Multifunctional Cervical Health Care Pillow. Page:341—344
15. Development of Abdominal Vacuum Extractor Characterized by Portability and Constant Negative Pressure Which Applying to Battlefield. Page:339—340
16. New Design of Left Atrial Appendage Closure. Page:335—338
17. Practice and Exploration of Regional Medical Equipment Cloud Management Platform Based on the Internet of Things. Page:332—334
18. Development of Software System for Artificial Joint Biomechanics. Page:330—331
19. Comparison of Baseline Removal Methods in ECG and Algorithm Implementation. Page:326—329
20. Interference Detection and Quality Assessment of Pulse Signal on Android Platform. Page:321—325
21. Multi-angle Plane-wave Beamforming Algorithm Based on CUDA. Page:317—320
22. Study of Steady State Motion Visual Evoked Potential-based Visual Stimulation of BCI System. Page:313—316